Origin 8 Lactic Acid Frames

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Product Description

  • 700C Road racing frame set
  • High modulus full carbon fiber monocoque frame
  • Power transfer BB/Chainstay design
  • 1-1/8" Campy Hiddenset integrated headset

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Lactic acid threshold

Hey guys! I just got into collegiate racing this past academic year and I've been hearing people talk about lactic acid threshold. How exactly do you measure it, and how does it relate to anaerobic capacity? It seems it's all too critical for sprint training (which interests me). Thanks a bunch!Read More »

Interesting Lactic Acid Threshold article....

stating that lactic acid is actually fuel, not an inhibitor. Why is this only coming to light now? hmmmm [URL]http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/16/health/nutrition/16run.html?_r=1[/URL]&Read More »

Lactic acid burn at high rpm

I have been riding for 25 years and Im a 45 yo male 200lbs 6' I recently got a cadence computer and noticed that I favor 75-80 rpm pushing a bigger gear. I do pretty well holding a 20mph pace for my normal 25 mile route (obviously there are sections where that falls off a bit...climbs). My que ... Read More »

Lactic acid build-up?

My legs are really bogging down when I need the high end power and speed on the last lap of the crit. I recently implemented Tabata (20/10 x 8) intervals in my spin bike workouts. I do them after about 40 minutes of other interval work. But my legs are seizing up by the end of the second Tabata i ... Read More »

The lactic acid brings the pain myth

Lactic acid has long been the bogeyman of speed and endurance athletes. The commonly held belief is that once you push your body to its limits, lactic acid starts to flood your system causing the pain and ‘jelly-legged’ feeling we all know so well. However, the truth of the matter is quite different ... Read More »

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