Pinarello Dogma Frames

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The human body is symmetrical. But there's an inherent asymmetry to how your bicycle catalyzes the power you put into the pedals. It's easy to visualize, for example, how in a high-wattage effort your right chainstay is torqued more acutely than the left. The cause is obvious: Your crankset, chain, and cassette attach to the right side of your bike. It's more than just a chainstay issue, though. Power is absorbed unevenly across your bike as a whole. The Pinarello Dogma Carbon is the first dedicated effort by a manufacturer to design a frame that creates an equilibrium by conceiving and constructing each side of a frame individually. Thanks to its asymmetrical design, the Dogma Carbon is Pinarello's lightest bike (40g lighter than the Prince Carbon at 950g); it provides maximum drivetrain efficiency with no degradation of ride quality; and between the sculpted tubes and sparkling "Diamond" paint treatment it's the loveliest Pinarello we've ever beheld. During the design process of the Dogma Carbon, Pinarello calculated the variance in frame distortion (left side of the frame vs. right side, at multiple points in the frame) first by using finite element analysis, and then they confirmed their calculations in laboratory testing. In comparing one side to the other, they found simultaneous variances of up to 3mm in deflection. The real-world implication is straightforward: When building a frame in the traditional fashion, i.e. with two symmetrical halves, it's easy to over-build the non-drivetrain side of a frame, adding unnecessary harshness to the ride quality, as well as excess weight. Likewise, it's easy to under-build the drivetrain side, allowing for power-robbing frame flex in an attempt to de-stiffen the ride quality.Couldn't Pinarello just add more layers of carbon or tweak the fiber orientation in order to beef up the stiffness on the drivetrain-side of the Dogma? That would've been inadequate. Stiffness is more a function of tubing shape than wall thickness (hence the evolution of frames with mammoth tube diameters) -- which brings us to the heart & soul of the Dogma concept: Pinarello made the effort to fully map out the asymmetrical forces exerted on each side of a frame. Armed with this information they then build an asymmetrical frame, each half of which is uniquely optimized for these different sets of forces. For the first time ever, the left and right halves of a frame aren't a mirror image of each other.The asymmetrical design of the Dogma Carbon is subtle -- you won't notice it from across the room. But when you're within touching distance you'll see how the right half of the top tube is rounded, while the left half is more squared-off. You'll see how the right leg of the Onda FPX1 fork is bigger and more curvaceous throughout its circumference in comparison to the left leg. The left chainstay is more muscular as it approaches the bottom bracket shell, and the right chainstay is less substantial there but gains significa

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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by ROLEX a Road Racer

Date Reviewed: October 30, 2011

Strengths:    stiff and light, very responsive frame, I like the diamond color paint. Sexy pinarello lines, it's a work of art.

Weaknesses:    none!!!

Bottom Line:   
Dead sexy frame, beautiful, really a head turner bike,highly sought frame out there. When I use my colnago no one really bothers to look but when I jump on my Dogma it's a different story and feeling.

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Price Paid:    $5000.00

Purchased At:   R&A

Similar Products Used:   Colnago EPS

Bike Setup:   Campagnolo super record 2011

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:1
Submitted by Alan a Road Racer

Date Reviewed: May 14, 2011

Strengths:    Beautiful, a real head turner.

Weaknesses:    Uncomfortable and heavy. WAY overpriced!

Bottom Line:   
I bought the Dogma as a seccond bike to my Time RXR Ulteam. I thought the bike was the most beautiful bike I had ever seen and it had great reviews. I am very dissapointed. I am not sure I believe that it is made in Italy as they claim. The seat post is junk and you are stuck with it. The cable routing is not very good and caused some bad shifting because it was hanging up on the

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Price Paid:    $5500.00

Purchased At:   Handlebars Buffalo

Similar Products Used:   Time RXR Ulteam, Orbea Orca.

Bike Setup:   Fulcrum XLR Speed, Campy Super Record.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Jpddrake a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: February 7, 2010

Strengths:    The Ride and the reliability. We opted for full Dura Ace equipment, Look pedals, and Zipp wheels. Never a problem!

Weaknesses:    I have no complaints after 3 years+. The amazing thing is it was so far ahead of everything else out there, I still feel as though my bike is brand new!

Bottom Line:   
I bought the bike at the encouragement of the experts at Coral Way, when I was looking for a strong, light, comfortable ride. This bike has really exceeded all expectatations. When I read the comments front others about paint chipping I was amazed, because I have never had any chipping. In fact the finish today is as good as ever despite a couple trips to the pavement. With the carbon forks and read triangle, the ride is smooth and comfortable.

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Favorite Ride:   Pinarello Dogma

Price Paid:    $3000.00

Purchased At:   Coral Way Bike Shop

Similar Products Used:   I had a Colnago, before and before that a Schwinn Paramount, which goes back a few years, but was a great bike!

Bike Setup:   All Dura Ace equipment, Zipp Wheels, Zipp carbon bars ( the shape is amazingly comfortable.)

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Rohovit a Road Racer

Date Reviewed: July 30, 2008

Strengths:    Stiff and super fast. Great Looking

Weaknesses:    Price. But you get what you pay for.

Bottom Line:   
Dogma's are the sexiest bike on the road. This bike is super fast and very comfortable. It climbs like a champ and the decent is an amazing experience on this bike.

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Favorite Ride:   Emigration Canyon

Price Paid:    $4000.00

Similar Products Used:   Specialized Roubaix
Colnago C50

Bike Setup:   Campy Record
Zero Gravity Brakes
ZIPP 404's and Campy Shamal Ultra (Gold of course)

Overall Rating:4
Value Rating:4
Submitted by wilmar13 a Road Racer

Date Reviewed: January 19, 2007

Strengths:    Good sprinting and out of saddle power over 1200 watts, yet comfy and reliable (I have put over 30,000km on mine with lots of bad pavement, no problems)

Weaknesses:    It is expensive, it isn't especially light, and the paint is not too great (scratches easily). Also when it rains I gete some water down the seat tube from somewhere... perhaps all bikes do this, and this is the first one I noticed it with.

Bottom Line:   
It seems the Dogma has suffered from some intital quality problems, but I have none from mine. I am a large powerful rider and the Dogma is the best frame I have ever owned in terms of ride comfort and stifffness. I guess you could say pick any two: comfortable, stiff, cheap... guess which the Dogma isn't...

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Favorite Ride:   Anything fast

Price Paid:    $3700.00

Similar Products Used:   Cannondale Caad 5, Litespeed Ultimate

Bike Setup:   Mavic Carbones, Campy Record, SRM Pro.

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