Pinarello F4:13 Frames

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The Giro d'Italia makes May the most important month of the year for the Italian cycling industry, so it made perfect sense that it was in the days prior to the '05 Giro Prologue that Pinarello announced the production of their first-ever carbon fiber frame. It's known as the F4:13, and to us it looks like a million bucks. One glance confirms critical details: You'll get a monocoque carbon fiber main triangle bonded to an Onda fork and Onda seatstay identical in design to those found on the Dogma FPX and the Paris Carbon. Many Dogma owners believe that it's the Onda combo -- not necessarily the magnesium tubeset -- that gives their bikes such a magical ride quality. And the F4:13's monocoque design with its nicely oversized tubes is sure to provide you with some serious

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Good price for a 2008 Pinarello F4 13 frame?

[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]So my dad asked me to sell his bike frame for him since he is rarely home anymore.[/FONT][/COLOR] It is a 2008 Pinarello F4 13 and it also has a [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Arial]Red Sram bottom bracket. 55 cm frame. I'm not really sure what would be considered a fair price for ... Read More »

Anyone happens to know what headset size Pinarello F4:13 2008 takes? Please help!

Anyone happens to know what headset size Pinarello F4:13 2008 takes? Please help! P.s. I'm thinking its a 1 1/8" top and 1 1/4" bottom, am I right?Read More »

2008 F4:13 or 2009 Paris

New from an authorized dealer, I can get the 08 frameset for $1330 or the 09 for $1550. I would go for the 09 but it is this really ugly grayish silver. The 08 can be had in all black naked carbon or painted black - both are completely black but with small silver stickers. Are these good prices ... Read More »

Colnago CLX 2.0 or Pinarello F4:13?

Or something different but in the same league? I like the look and style of the Colnago, but the Pinarello looks like it would build up lighter. Any others I should look at in this price range? (about $2-$2500?)Read More »

Pinarello F4:13 vs Nago Master X Light

Hello, I am new to the forum, but have been doing leisurely touring style riding for a while now. I currently own a Pina F4:13 in carbon and am contemplating trading the frameset in for a Nago Master X Light frameset. There will be a price differential for me to pay, probably in the $500.00 to $ ... Read More »

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