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Time Trial - Espresso Time-trial frame When we started Pro-Lite, we decided that testing was of prime importance. At that time, we did not have our own test machine, so we used the other recognised facilities used within the bicycle industry for our tests. We continue to use other sources so our customers have an independent validation of our products. Our testing programme is usually set at 2-3 times the highest industry standard. And on top of that, we now have our own machine so that we can perform our own tests, which mean our frames are produced to THE highest of standards without making compromises. Pro-Lite tubing PBS Power, Body Soul; is made from 7046 alloy and is without compromise a superb material for super light frames delivering outstanding performance. Pro-Lite is the only company in the world who have been able to produce frames successfully using this material and with over 30000 frames having been sold to date we will continue to ensure we give you the

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Espresso Coffee for the Touring Cyclist

[IMG][/IMG] I haven't yet tried one of these but got a heads-up on from a member at the [URL=""]Australian Cycling Forums[/URL]. Looks like a pretty cool way to make cof ... Read More »

Seven Resolute vs. Co-Motion Espresso vs. Jamis Eclipse

I am upgrading my current entry level Novara for a long-distance type, lighter, steel, road bike. I am debating between the Jamus Eclipse or spending the extra cash to go custom, either the Seven Resolute or the Co-Motion Espresso? Any thoughts? Not as much written out there about Co-Motion and s ... Read More »

Espresso machines

I'm a sucker for expensive, huge kitchen appliances. Already have a Vitamix and standing mixer. Now I'm interested in an espresso machine. I probably won't buy one, but I'm wondering how much you have to spend to get really good espresso at home. Breville has some semi-automatic machines for a ... Read More »

$120 Chris King / Rapha Espresso Tamper

Now I have truly seen it all... I wonder if it comes in carbon for those mornings where every second counts... Apologies in advance if anyone has one of these and I am failing to see the value here... I am a caffeine addict, so please enlighten me... Good riding... Colorider [url=http://www. ... Read More »

Let's Talk Espresso

Pre-ride I like a cortado or a variation on the cortado my barista makes called a little ninja; a cortado with coco powder and cayenne pepper Mid-ride I like a doppio espresso Postride after I eat, a cool cafe fredo don't usually have all three...i'm not that addicted to it. How do you t ... Read More »

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