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Ridley spent a small fortune in the wind tunnel to develop a bike that shaves away drag by doing more than incrementally narrowing tube profiles or shortening a head tube. Rather than abiding by standard industry practice, i.e. knock off a Cervlo P3 and spice it up with fancy paint, they've gone t

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Bought a Dean 853 steel bike--anyone know much about them???

Another Budget Buy©--and hurt frame (crushed seat tube opening). (I have a 1" carbon fork that I hope will fit--seller was not very responsive to emails so it is a bit of a blind purchase.) I know Dean as a titanium frame maker and for their mountain bikes--I was surprised to see this listing. ... Read More »

The dean and the bunnysuit

[B][URL="http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/16/nyregion/professor-may-be-fired-for-joke-about-suspect-in-colorado-shootings.html"]Professor Faces Firing for Joke Tied to Shootings[/URL][/B] [QUOTE][I]After turning down the lights in his classroom at the [URL="http://www.usmma.edu/"]United States Merc ... Read More »

Just Finished Building My DEAN Ti

El Diente SL with S&S couplers. Some of you know the history I had with Dean. All that BS aside, here are my thoughts on the bike. [LIST] [*]Have not taken it out for a real ride yet, just a test spin around the block to make sure everything works. [*]Rides nice as much as one can tell from the ... Read More »

Dean Ti Frames

I was giving serious consideration to a Dean El Diente Custom, until I read about all the customer service problems, is this still an issue or have they learned from all the complaints and bad publicity? Your feedback is appreciated.Read More »

Dean Bikes

303.530.3091 & [email]info@deanbikes.com[/email] .....Is that DEAN BIKES? I called many times,no one answer the phone call and never reply email. Can someone help?Read More »

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