ROI Bike Antares Frames

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Product Description

The Antares is our most unique looking frameset in our carbon line. It is made of High –Module Monocoque KES Carbon Tubing. The “KES” stands for Kinetic Energy Synthesized. This bike is designed for the rider who likes to kick up the watts. The Bottom Bracket Area was designed to withstand the punishment that Pro Riders tend to dish on a daily basis. The Diamond-Shaped Tubing adds rigidity and snap to the frames entourage of impressive road manners.

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arione to antares

I rode on a Fizik Arione for almost a year. I loved it however I would like to try something different like the Antares. Has anyone here switched saddles like I want to do? Some people would ask why switch? I like the shape of the Antares better than the Arione plus I believe that the Antares wei ... Read More »

Fizik Antares alternative

I've been putting in a bunch of miles on a Fizik Antares VS saddle. I have figured out that a saddle that's pretty flat side-to-side works well for me. The Antares VS is pretty good, the channel is good for a low-pressure-on-the-flesh experience and I can move around on it easily, but I have two c ... Read More »

Difference between a Fizik Antares Test saddle and production saddle?

I stoped in my favorite LBS today and bought this saddle for 40.00. I hope I did well. What is the difference in this test saddle, which says TEST on it, and the production model? [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Fizik Antares vs Antares Versus

I have heard that the regular antares saddle is flexible enough so that there's no need for a channel or cut out. Given that there's no lbs that demos them, does anyone have any feedback? Thanks!Read More »

Ritchey WCS Stubby Seat mast thing+ Fizik Antares 00 Winglfex = FFFFFFUUUUUUU

So my new frame got here today and I started building it up. All is done except for the fact that my Fizik Antares Wingflex 00 seat has ovalish railes and won't fit into the the Ritchey WCS Seat Mast stubby, topper thing. Am I hosed or just incompetent at putting this thing together? I have waited a ... Read More »

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