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The bikes featured in the pictures represent two different approaches to a customers vision of their ultimate commuting bicycle. Talk to us or one of our dealers about your ultimate commuter bicycle and let's see what we can come up with to match your needs.

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Framebuilding: Drop Outs for Super Commuter

Here's the plan: I'm working on framebuilding. I have all my tubes, tools, files, et cetera. More important than that I have access to an oxy/acetylene torch, Anvil frame jig, and an experienced builder to who's teaching me how to avoid screwing up horrendously. Naturally there will be lots of pr ... Read More »

New super commuter/ allrounder is born.

Got these photos today... My new super commuter/ allrounder is born in Bozeman... 26" wheels and disc brakes on road tubing and geometry. Think Bridgestone XO-1 evolved into the present day. Have couplers will travel. Thanks Carl Strong.:D singlecrossRead More »

My new Super Commuter

I've been commuting to and from work for a number of years and have done so on a variety of bikes. My latest being a very nice Cyclocross - a Yeti ARC-X which was a lovely ride. That being said - I have just finished building a super -commuter that I have been dreaming up for quite some time. I w ... Read More »

My super-commuter

I cobbled this together last fall and have only just now gotten around to taking pictures of it. Almost everything on it was free. The frame was a Fuji something-or-touring-other that the dropout had fallen out of, and the customer returned it to the shop I was working at. After it hung on the ra ... Read More »

Super cheap commuter?

While Breezers and Birias seem pretty nice, they are still pretty expensive, especially for a NY bike. I would really like a super cheap "mama-chari" style commuter that is basically reliable and comfortable but nothing fancy at all. Anyone know of anywhere to get something like that?Read More »

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