K2 Bike Merge Commuter Bike

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Product Description

  • Frame: Butted 7005 AL Cross
  • Shifters: Shimano Sora STI
  • Crankset: Shimano FC-R453 For Octalink BB
  • Brakes: Shimano BR-R550 Cantilevers
  • Brake Levers: Shimano Sora STI

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A proposal: Merge the Tour of Utah and US Pro Challenge

Listening to the deserved complaints about TV coverage and NBC's reluctance to put money into bettering technical aspects of the show, I'm proposing the merger between two, IMO, competing tours (despite them being two/three weeks apart). Make the new race 10-14 days long. 1) It allows more e ... Read More »

Merge Needed

There was a post in General giving Site feedback. I moved it to site feedback but forgot the replys in the process. Could someone with Admin rights on Site Feedback merge the replys back to the original post. Sorry about that. BTW: it was poorly moderated at 21 minutes old :) Sco ... Read More »

mail merge misery

Address list has been updated and cards are ready to go. Mail-merged and tested printing directly onto envelopes- not working. Fine, labels it is. One box of labels isn't listed as an option. So I dig around and find another box that IS an option......but Merge doesn't seem to notice that Aver ... Read More »

Did RBR decide to merge Podium Girls with the Lounge?

If so, I musta missed the memo. We're seeing the boobs and butt posts, I was wondering. Sure would be a lot easier if we could have it all in one place. :rolleyes:Read More »

Excel- mail merge?

Is such a thing possible? Tried it this morning and "preview" comes out blank. :mad2:Read More »

Read More »



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