KHS Inc. Green Commuter Bike

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MSRP : $300.00

Product Description

  • Headset: 1" Treaded
  • Tires: Staad 700 x 38c
  • Spokes: 14G UCP, 36°
  • Crankset: 3-piece with complete chainguard
  • Pedals: VP alloy w/steel cage w/boron axle

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Does each TDF team bring KOM, yellow, green, white variants of jersey/bib/helmet?

I've always wondered how this works: So, I just dropped a bunch of TdF suckas, blasted through whatever gates they had set up on top of each climb and won the right to wear the red dots. Next day, I show up at the starting line polka'd out head to toe, helmet included... where the hell does this ... Read More »

Green tinted carbon on Zipp wheels

I've tried doing a search with no luck. I picked up a new set of Zipp 303's carbon clinchers a few weeks ago and after a few days I noticed that in the sunlight the carbon is really green. Has anyone ever heard of this???Read More »

Stopped at ... Green Lizard LBS ... in Herndon Yesterday.

I've been in Alaska for the past 6 months ... babysitting the grandkids. Minus 27 degrees and 12 ' of snow .... Folks up there still ride. . So, yesterday I was on the W&OD, at the train station in Herndon. Right across the street is Green Lizard a ~2 month new Bike and Coffee shop. . I give ... Read More »

'Green Cars have a dirty little secret' says the WSJ

Found this interesting--electric cars start in a CO2 emissions hole, and are likely never to get out: [quote] A 2012 comprehensive life-cycle analysis in Journal of Industrial Ecology shows that almost half the lifetime carbon-dioxide emissions from an electric car come from the energy used to pro ... Read More »

TAX BICYCLES?: Republican Rep wants to due to green house gases

What a douchebag... A Washington State Representative who serves as a ranking republican on the State Transportation Committee may be an unlikely proponent of a tax that would require everyone who buys a bike for more than $500 to pay a $25 fee. [url= ... Read More »

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