Merida Speeder Commuter Bike

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Product Description

  • Frame: Technoformed, butted and heat treated 6061 aluminium with smooth welding

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Time Speeder S

Im a junior racer looking for a new race bike. I saw the Time Speeder S at my LBS and really liked it. Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this bike and how it handles, ect.? Also, I came across another bike online: Time Speed RS. How is bike comparable to the Speeder S in terms of pric ... Read More »

Felt F3 vs Time Speeder

Hi I am looking at buying one of these frames but unsure which one would be better. The Felt is 2nd from the top in their line up, the speeder is their entry frame but gets good reviews. Both are the same price ($1300 aud aprox). I am looking for a frame I can build on. I current have a generic (i ... Read More »

Time Speeder Frameset?

What do you guys think of this frame set. For $1,044.99 can you get a better frame set? Just looking around at carbon frames and trying to actually find a good frame new but cheap. I don't know much about weave's so maybe someone could also clarify about grades of weaves. Looking for a high grade ca ... Read More »

single speeder question

i just snapped off the non replaceable derailleur hanger on my trashy pit bike with vertical dropouts. Is there any way to make it a single speeder via something like one of the eccentric rear hubs? Is a single speed any fun or should I just take the parts off this bike and throw it in the trash?Read More »

I am a single speeder!!

I converted my mountain bike into a single speed last night. It was easier than I thought it would be. Now my bike runs on 34x16 but I still want to go lower with a 18. Still, I took the bike out during the lunch hour. I am not in a good shape right now, but I had so much fun climbing on that bi ... Read More »

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