Stevens Prestige Commuter Bike

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Hang some grade-A parts on the Prestige Frame and Fork and slice through the slop.

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HTA on Colnago Prestige

Anyone know the HTA of Colnago prestige/WC? I am guessing 72. but it is not listed here... Trying to figure out if it'll fit or not. Also, anyone know the BB drop? Tall like Ridley? Lower (~70?) Maybe Suck at geometry and there is some way to figure out these measurements with the rest of t ... Read More »

Colnago Cross Prestige

Anyone have one or have opinions on it? This would be the disc version. Thinking about getting one. It is made by Giant, I believe. Obviously, it's not holding Nys or Albert back, but I'm just looking to rock the F flight at the local cross "worlds". In style, of course.Read More »

Prestige Ranking for Classic Italian/European Bike Manufacturers

OK - so this thread topic is a potential minefield. Does a "prestige" ranking exist amongst the various classic framemaking brands? I'm not trying to get an elitist thread going, this is purely from a want-to-know from someone not-that-familiar-with-this stand point. Off the top of my head I only ... Read More »

2010/11 Raleigh Prestige Road Frame Build

I'll try to keep a long story short. I like to build up my own bikes and have many other of my builds here on RBR. I had a good bit of spare parts and decided I'd look for a name brand frame on ebay. I found a 2011 Raleigh Prestige Frame that was brand new for $565 shipped. The frame came with f ... Read More »

Rossin Prestige Team build

Good morning all, I had piggybacked another thread with this post and i now realise that was the wrong thing to do - apologies to those who have read the following previously. I have posted about my bike in a few forums as i am trying to gather info on it. I have a Rossin Prestige Team frame w ... Read More »

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