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A radical idea is sweeping the world of cycling: building bikes that people use for transportation. Why? Because there is simply no smarter solution to move around quickly and economically, while protecting our natural resources. Ellsworth designed The Ride to be a valuable partner in that cause as the sleekest, most earth-friendly transportation since Raser Technologies converted a Hummer to run on electricity at 100mpg. The Ride captures the technological essence of Ellsworth's legendary handling, efficiency, and balance while creating a visually intoxicating machine that is functional for every day use.

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I tried to ride in today - doubled my commute time from the snow.

I actually had to walk part of the way across the Brooklyn Bridge because the snow was making the wooden walkway way too slippery. Totally soaked getting into the office. Only one other person made it in. Today I watch movies at my desk.Read More »

Bike Commute the Week after the MS ride(Not Good).

Every year, the week after the MS ride, I almost get into a fight. The MS ride is a good cause, they raise a ton of money, but they block the road for the weekend. They put signs up, telling the riders not to ride 3 and 4 across the road, but they don't listen. I love how my co-workers explain to me ... Read More »

No longer will I fear the night commute/ride.

No more wimpy flashing lights for me. I've had a little free time on my hands so I whipped up a little home brew tail light. Uses a single led and pulls of of the headlight battery or can run on 4 AA rechargables in the seatbag (8 hours constant burn @ 300mA). I have not found a straight piece of ro ... Read More »

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