Hampton Brownie Cruiser Bike

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The Hampton Brownie is the Caddy of cruisers--from The Brooklyn Speedway tires to the premium saddle and lightweight aluminum frame to the gorgeous paint job that lets the world know youve arrived. Frame: 7005 oversized aluminum, cantilevered BigBox frame, super-size 63mm downtube, dual radius seatstays,Hampton chainguard Fork: Unicrown, ovalized 41mm Tubular legs, 1”Threaded steerer, leading axle dropout Headset: VP 1” standard chrome-plated type Rims: Super X 32mm wide a

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Hell of a job Brownie.

Former FEMA director Michael Brown, who was heavily criticized for the agency's failure to prepare for Hurricane Katrina, has criticized President Obama for responding to Hurricane Sandy too early. In an interview with Denver Westword, Brown said, "One thing [President Obama's] gonna be asked i ... Read More »

The Chocolate Brownie Fudge Diet

I found this gem in today's Sunday paper. Should be enough to piss off everyone [QUOTE]...From the repeal of Glass-Steagall under President Clinton to the unfunded wars and Medicare prescription drug benefits of George W Bush to the defense the of mortgage lunacy by Barney Frank to the crony capi ... Read More »

Nice double fudge brownie for long rides?

So, with the new season, my club has started to increase the distance of each ride and pace. We started with 78km riding around 30kph average with a group of 12 people. Now, we are at 130km riding approx. 33-34kph. Traditionally, I have stuck to either store bought rice cakes with coconut shavings a ... Read More »

scary stairs and brownie cupcakes

So I just went out my back door to check out this storm thats supposedly rolling in.... and its all still quiet in Chicago. I took some pixxors anyway. sorry I don't have a DSLR. I know its kinda blurry, but I like this one. [IMG]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_cR4xlr6e6ck/SUr_-dC2UBI/AAAAAAAAAJc/y3AJ ... Read More »

Brownie blames Bush admin

[url]http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=69975[/url] Rats who have left a sinking ship, but didn't drown are starting to squeek. :cryin::idea:Read More »

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