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This bikesdirect cruiser bike looks really cool.

[url]http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/Mango/toucan3.htm[/url] the website only says "lightweight"... I wonder what the bike actually weighs? [img]http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/Mango/images/toucan3_pics/images/IMG_6696.jpg[/img]Read More »

Cruiser saddle on road bike?

Apologies if this is a dumb question but I really don't know the answer and thought I should ask. Just for a little background information, I am a beginner rider. I'm a runner who is a little burnt out and recently switched over to biking with the eventual goal of doing a sprint tri. I was scared ... Read More »

Old road bike... convert to a cruiser... 'lil help please

My 21 year old daughter suddenly gained interest in riding. She bought a lead-tubed cruiser at a yard sale but soon caught on that riding a 55# bike ain't no fun. I have a my wife's old Austro-Daimler I would like to convert to a trendy street bike for her but don't even know where to start or if i ... Read More »

another cruiser bike selection which one?

What do people think of these cruiser's? I am thinking about maybe getting one, I have put in a three speed bike too. If you where to get one for just riding around in a lazy way which one would you get? I put in the sun cayne bike which looks nice. Does anyone know anything about these? the cayne. ... Read More »

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