Victory Touring One Cruiser Bike

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Victory Mens Touring One Cruiser

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One Bike for Touring/Commuting/Trails/Road?

The main question is whether i can get away with one bike for all these things. The issue is budget of course, otherwise I would buy several specialty bikes. The idea is to get one frame with perhaps two wheelsets. Things I want to do: 1) Loaded touring - not round the world, only a few days, wee ... Read More »

One of our commuting/touring brothers has passed away ...

Very sad. [url][/url] JRead More »

CX - Commuter - Touring all in one?

Hey, I am wondering if a CX bike is right for me. Can I use a CX as a daily commuter but also use it as a touring bike for the occasional trip into the country. I dont think CX bikes have the required holes for a rear bike rack. Also I was wondering if a CX bike can take a beating on rough ro ... Read More »

The all perfect All-in-One clipless touring shoe...??

I am planning on a multiweek tour for July. I've got everything down to the spare tubes except for the shoes. I really would like to take just one pair of shoes and one pair of comfy sandles. I would like my shoes to take the little eggbeater cleat and still be able to walk around for a few m ... Read More »

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