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Borne of earth, stone and wind, the Aegis Shaman is a reigning champion of versatility. Singularly at home ripping single-track, fire roads or scorching the pavement-the Shaman is the first bicycle on the planet to bring carbon to cross. Realize your riding potential: with the Shaman at hand, boundaries are a thing of the past.

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The new Speedplay Zero Pave pedal!

Here at RBR is the story on the "new" pedal (that we first saw years ago in the big muddy races) - [url=]Spotted: Speedplay releases Zero Pavé pedal system | Road Bike News, Reviews, and Photos[/url] But the ... Read More »

Vittoria Open Pave 27 c actual width help

Hi, I plan to buy a pair of Vittoria Pave clinchers cg III in the 27 c width and would like if someone could tell me the actual width of these tires. I will be mounting them on a 22.5 mm wide rim. I heard the 25 measure more the like the orginal 24. thanksRead More »

Roval Pave SL hub internals

Any place to pick up the internals to a rear wheel for the above wheel? It's off of my 2012 Crux Expert. I've tried to find it but no luck yet. There was some gritty noise/feeling coming from the bearings. Ordered new ones off of ebay but they are not right. The cassette body is a bit knackered u ... Read More »

SL-Pave or CG-R seat post…what are your thoughts?

Ok…here's the deal. I currently have a '12 Tarmac and the stock carbon seat post is total garbage. Not due to weight, or build…no, because of the way it works. The two-bolt system is awful and makes seat adjustments a nightmare. When you go to tighten the seat down, it always throws off the tilt. ... Read More »

Pave seatpost newb question

Right now I have a 27.2 350mm seatpost on my 56cm Roubaix. Can I use a 27.2 300mm w/10mm setback post? I'm 5'11" with a 32 inseam. TIARead More »

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