BH Carbon Cross Cyclocross Bike

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The new BH Carbon Cyclocross is built for maximum speed without beating you up on the course. The full carbon fork offers precision handling and ultra light weight. Dismounts are a breeze with top tube cable routing and an overall weight you won’t notice. This is the same frame AG2R-LaMondiale rider and French Cross Champion John Gadret will ride this fall in the European Cyclocross campaign. With a reputation for winning, the BH Cross is an incredible bike designed and built to perform for the best riders in the world as well as those looking for the best performing equipment to elevate their game. Which one are you?

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Light-Bicycle Carbon Disc Cross frame

[COLOR=#333333]Considering going with one of their new carbon disc cyclocross frame. The geometry appears to be very similar to the Specialized Crux but with a slightly shorter top tube. I have a set of their carbon rims and they are great, but haven't heard much about their frames and was hoping to ... Read More »

Bianchi carbon cross concept

I'm looking at a used one of these on CL to get into cross racing. Does anyone have opinions on it?Read More »

Best carbon cross frame to use as a road bike?

I've always had steel bikes and my favorites have been the 'all rounder' type that allow me to ride fast with friends, but also put on bigger tires and do some trail or gravel road riding. If I make the jump to my first ever all carbon rig, which cross bike is most road-bike-like in it's handli ... Read More »

Full carbon cross bike....

Think I'm finally ready to drop some $$ on a new cross bike. Early this season I ran into these guys: [url=]November Bicycles: Race smart. - Home[/url] at a race. Love the bike, great guys too. Frame set is $745 and pre order is in January. my thoughts were th ... Read More »

did anyone race the Fuji Cross Carbon?

Curious to hear how things went with the Fuji. I rode a crossbow this year and loved the GEO... finally, something that fits my long legs without having my bars so friggin low (or running 4cm spacers). The fuji geometry is nearly identical (ripped off?) as the ridley x-fire (comparing Ridley 58 to ... Read More »

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