Co-Motion Cycles Demon Cyclocross Bike

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The Demon devours dirt and mollifies mud with its devilishly impish attitude. Its semi-compact design and beautifully crafted Reynolds 853 frame make it easy to shoulder, and even easier to love.

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Demon possession - I got it!

The other day, I walked out to the grill and tripped over one of my son's toys. This is a noisemaker toy, as most toys are these days. So naturally getting stepped on set it off. Lights started flashing, and someone kept yelling at me No big deal. These things happen. And then they stop. I ig ... Read More »

Demon Carz Frum HELL!!!1

It hasn't been fun the last couple of days. My 70+ year old mother calls me crying because her van is dead in the middle of US231 about 10 miles south of me. Then she says she'll call me back. She calls back and says that a man stopped and pushed her van to the side of the road by a Casey's gas s ... Read More »

Demon-Child From Hell

So.... Step-son has ADHD and ODD. He's fond of calling his mom a c**t, a *****, a tw*t, a b!tch, etc. Until the last year, he liked punching her in the back of the head. Me, I'm powerless. My wife has reduced me to a characture in the kid's eyes by always reversing any punishments I've enacted ... Read More »

Ima Speed Demon

Coach led TNT walk today - 6 miles. Lots of haze and smoke in the air this morning, so coach told us to take it easy, don't go for speed today. I take off, feeling like I'm really not going all that fast. I end up walking a 17 min mile, which is 3 minutes faster than when I did Nike last ... Read More »

Demon Goat

I have a new avatar. On Sunday I was enjoying my last ride in Sardinia when I heard the bells of a goat herd. I stopped to take a picture and this goat took it personally. It just stared at me like it was looking into my soul. Probably. Firsttrax will have fun with it.Read More »

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