Colnago Prestige Cyclocross Bike

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Developed with input from cycle-cross legend Sven Nys, the Cross Prestige is the ultimate carbon fibre cross frame. A monocoque front triangle makes it tough and light, while lugged seatstays and chainstays maximise tyre clearance. The lightness will also be appreciated when shouldering the Cross Prestige, as will the unique support between the top tube and seat tube developed at Sven Nys?s request to increase carrying comfort when on the shoulder. Colnago works with the renowned Italian composites firm ATR to develop the high modulus carbon fiber used in Colnago frames. ATR is also known for providing composite components for Ferrari and Porshe auto racing teams.

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2010/11 Raleigh Prestige Road Frame Build

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Rossin Prestige Team build

Good morning all, I had piggybacked another thread with this post and i now realise that was the wrong thing to do - apologies to those who have read the following previously. I have posted about my bike in a few forums as i am trying to gather info on it. I have a Rossin Prestige Team frame w ... Read More »

Rossin Prestige Team bike

Hi, I am a bit new to this forum and i am a bit unsure where to place my query about a Rossin Prestige Team bike so i will post the link to a post here, perhaps you could give it a look - i should add it is a retro build. [url] ... Read More »

Raleigh Prestige Gran Sport

I came across this bike, and wanted to get the communities thoughts on this. Its a Raleigh Prestige Gran Sport. I'm not sure of the year, the seller thinks around the 80's. Seller offered to me for $300 plus shipping. I wanted to get some thoughts. Like the bike, looks pretty good to me. I' ... Read More »

'86 Super Prestige...

Thinking about a 2011 Scott R2 with Ultegra. To justify I'd have to part with my vintage '86 De Rosa Super Prestige (with about 5k miles and Shimano) or my wife. Feel free to comment...Read More »

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