Genesis Croix De Fer Cyclocross Bike

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Product Description

The irrepressible Croix de Fer returns for another year. Visually similar to last years' model from first glance, but look a little closer and you'll see that we've made some choice tweaks to improve the versatility, everyday use and overall ride characteristics of what is our best-selling model.

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LeMond Sarthe or Buenos Aires? or Croix de Fer?

Hello again. Well I started out wanting a steel frame but have been having a hard time finding one in stock and am hestiant to go custom due to price and wanting to demo it first. Today I rode a 57cm Buenos Aires for the first time and really liked it. I don't know if I should go for the carbon t ... Read More »

Lemond Croix de Fer Questions

Does anyone know the maximum tire width you can run on the Croix de Fer? Also, does the frame have the eyelets to mount a rear rack? Thanks in advance.Read More »

Trek 2100 vs. Lemond Croix de Fer and Sarthe

Help! I've decided after 5 years of using a 7500 Trek hybrid that its time to buy a road bike. I do a lot of long distance rides, and even though I'm tall and lanky, falling while getting-use-to--clipless pedals should be beneficial in the long run. I'm looking at purchasing either the Trek 2100 or ... Read More »

Croix de Fer Thoughts? Compare to a Cannondale R700?

I'm new to road biking, and looking for my first bike. I've been a runner for years, and have decided that I'm just not thrilled with the pain running causes anymore. A coworker who rides recommended looking at steel framed bikes, and the Croix de Fer seems a good "entry" level bike. I'm going to ... Read More »

Tourmalet or Croix de Fer

I am saving for a new bike and will get a Lemond Tourmalet or Croix de Fer. None to test ride here in Vegas. Has anyone out there rode the Tourmalet and the Croix de Fer or Sarthe? Just wondering how they compare in weight and ride. Is the Steel frame stiff enough in the BB for a 200 lb 6' rider ... Read More »

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