Kona Rove Cyclocross Bike

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MSRP : $1699.00

Product Description

  • Chainrings: 36/46t
  • Shifters: SRAM Apex
  • Headset: FSA No.11
  • Handlebar: Kona Road Bar

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Kona Jake the snake or Kona Rove ?

[COLOR=#000000]Hello[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I want a bike that can serve me to go to work (16km with nice hills), take a few shortcuts in the woods or road fire, and take trips around 100km (3-4 hours) the weekend (rather on roads and dirty roads...). I found two models for 1000 euros, the kona jake ... Read More »

Kona Rove - Default Kona Project Two Fork - Dimensions?

Hi there, anyone here who is riding a Kona Rove (Cyclocrosser/ Grindel) and ca do me a big favor? I can't find any details on the default steel fork (Kona Project Two Fork) of the Kona Rove, in particular I am interested in the height of the fork (axle to crown). I only find on the web confusing m ... Read More »

Kona Rove for Gravel Road and CX?

I'm planning to build up a gravel/durt road rig that can also be used for occasional CX races and the Kona Rove is a candidate. Any real world feedback from forum members on their experiences with the Rove? Thanks in advance. 2 Wheels GoodRead More »

Rove's plan to defeat Obama

News from a reliable source... . . WASHINGTON—Sources confirmed this afternoon that a heavily armed Karl Rove has positioned himself atop the Electoral College clock tower and is planning to pick off at least 50 electors with a high-precision sniper rifle. Wearing a black tactical ammunition ... Read More »

Defeat drives Rove off the deep end.

Sounds like he could use a little Thorazine. . . Karl Rove on why Romney lost: Obama was 'suppressing the vote' GOP strategist Karl Rove used provocative words to describe one reason he believes Obama won. By 'suppressing the vote,' Rove appeared to mean that negative ads about MItt Romney tam ... Read More »

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