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The Norco Threshold shines in the wild and unforgiving environments that make CX races such a spectacle to behold. Much like the racers it was designed for, this bike lives to out-compete and thrives in harsh conditions. Pedal it, carry it, push it – whatever it takes to get over the finish line before everyone else.

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Interesting Lactic Acid Threshold article....

stating that lactic acid is actually fuel, not an inhibitor. Why is this only coming to light now? hmmmm [URL][/URL]&Read More »

Easier ways to do Threshold work

In another post we talked about hills vs intervals ( or hill intervals :D). But over the last couple years I found a couple of easier ways to hit threshold power, via external motivations. -Staggered TT Intervals with a partner: Get a friend who's about the same level as you, and decide on a route ... Read More »

VO2 Threshold/Max Session (lab)... worth the money and pain if...

A couple friends/club mates are going to do a session with a coach to assess their VO2 threshold. I've heard it's a ton of fun ;-) and it costs $150. Both of which I'm somewhat okay with, if I think I'll gain usable info. As background: I'm 45, don't road race but do mtn bike race - a consistent ... Read More »

Anatomy of a 20min threshold test.. for laughs.

Did a test yesterday and thought this up for laughs afterward.. Feel free to add on :thumbsup: ___________________________________________________________ Anatomy of a 20 minute threshold test.. Minutes 1-3: Ah this isn’t too bad.. I’m feeling good.. I can hold 110% no problem! Minute ... Read More »

I added 20W to my threshold..... just going to sea level.:p [url=]How does altitude affect power output? | Two Wheel Blogs[/url] Altitude Feet Meters % FTP 0 0 100% 1000 300 99% 2000 610 98% 3000 910 96% ... Read More »

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