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The Norco Threshold shines in the wild and unforgiving environments that make CX races such a spectacle to behold. Much like the racers it was designed for, this bike lives to out-compete and thrives in harsh conditions. Pedal it, carry it, push it – whatever it takes to get over the finish line before everyone else.

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physics question : using Classical Mechanics to calculate Functional Threshold Power

[url=]Classical Mechanics - Wikipedia[/url] [url=]Work (physics) - Wikipedia[/url] I rode up at my aerobic threshold an almost constant slope of elevation change Δr. The work done in raising my bod ... Read More »

Lactate Threshold training question

So, recently i have been looking into doing more aerobic training, rather then my typical anaerobic intervals. I have done a lot of research on how to train my lactate threshold, but I don't have a power meter or heart rate monitor. So, my first question is what should my legs feel like when doin ... Read More »

Lactic acid threshold

Hey guys! I just got into collegiate racing this past academic year and I've been hearing people talk about lactic acid threshold. How exactly do you measure it, and how does it relate to anaerobic capacity? It seems it's all too critical for sprint training (which interests me). Thanks a bunch!Read More »

2015 Norco Threshold

[ATTACH=CONFIG]295979[/ATTACH] [url=]2015 Threshold[/url] I haven't seen geometry posted anywhere yet but BB is apparently on the lower side. I like that they've designed the bike to rip up a cross course and also get a bit rad on some of your local trails. Thi ... Read More »

Interesting Lactic Acid Threshold article....

stating that lactic acid is actually fuel, not an inhibitor. Why is this only coming to light now? hmmmm [URL][/URL]&Read More »

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