Olmo Cross Cyclocross Bike

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  • Frame: cyclocross alloy movimento centrale bsa

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Winter Commuter - BD Kilo Wt vs Fantom Cross Uno

I've been looking around for the fabled "$5 garage sale bike" to turn into a winter commuter. I had thought my criteria were pretty reasonable (room for studded tires, fenders, frame fits me reasonably well, brakes I can rip off an replace with something respectable). Unfortunately five months of lo ... Read More »

? For SS Cross Riders

Next week I will be trying out a friends used Kona Major One and if I enjoy it will likely be buying it. I am a wheel junkie though but have no single speed wheelsets as all my other bikes are geared. Any suggestions for a slight upgrade in wheels. It comes with Alex R390's.Read More »

Who makes a cross fork with a 15mm thru-axle?

I'm looking to build up a gravel grinder bike but I can't find a disc fork with a thru axle. Whisky Parts makes a 700c and a 29er, but the axle to crown measurements are 367mm and 480mm, respectively. The frame I want calls for 395mm. Whisky evidently has one in the works, but they can't give me ... Read More »

Textro mini V Rx5 install on Ritchey cross Breakaway steel

So the cable guide pipe on these breaks exits to the side but the front and rear breaks have center pull fittings. I assume that in the rear, the center pull fitting is not used and the cable bypasses it and goes directly into the pipe. Is that right? In the front, I suppose the bracket on the ... Read More »

Does shimano 31.8 clamp on front deraileur work on Ritchey cross steel breakaway?

So my front and rear deraileurs arrived today. Obviously the 31.8 clamp is too large for the tube at attachment point. Please tell me I can use a rubber strap wrapped around the tube to make this work. Or did I buy the wrong deraileur.Read More »

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