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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Repurposed Gifts for the Green Cyclist

Got a cyclist in your life who is big on recycling? Then check out these cool and innovative gifts made from old repurposed bike parts.   Read More »

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Novara or Marin - Need Input for New Road/Cyclocross Bike

I am looking to make my first bike purchase out of my MTB scene and into the road/cyclocross segment. I will be commuting with it as a primary transportation method for 6-8 weeks. After that I will be riding it road and paved trails mostly with the occasional groomed trail cross. Because of this, I ... Read More »

Got meeself a 2008 Blue CX6.5 Cyclocross bike.. Aye

I have been in this forums for couple of weeks. After listening to some of the good advice I got here, I ended up buying a 2008 Blue CX6.5 cyclocross. Good condition. Paid 550$. The bike is frigging light and rides great. Need a little bit of tune up to be done like fixing brakes squeal, otherwise i ... Read More »

1st cyclocross bike purchase, NOS Trek XO2 or??

The title sums it up! I’m trying to get back into biking after an accident that I had a couple years ago that resulted in a broken left ankle and torn ligaments in my right! Prior to my accident I was biking regularly, give or take 100 miles a week on back roads and local bike trails. Anyway I’d li ... Read More »

Cyclocross bike for the roads

So, I'm sure in my lurking I've seen something about this but can't find anything after a few minutes of using the search function. Does anybody here use a cross bike as their main road bike? I have a Trek X02 and Jamis Quest and really like the Trek. Much better than my Jamis. The Trek is a 1x1 ... Read More »

Adding 26" suspension fork to cyclocross bike

I am considering adding a 100mm 26" suspension fork to one of my cyclocross bikes (Lemond Poprad disc) and ditching my MTB. If the fork with wheel is about the same with the 26" suspension (uncompressed) as it is with the stock CX fork and 700c wheel; is there any reason not to go for it?Read More »

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