Ridley XBow Cyclocross Bike

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You've spent a couple 'cross seasons racing that old touring bike, and it's finally time to upgrade to a CX-specific machine. Right tool for the right job, right Right. The Ridley X-Bow is about as cyclocross-specific as you can get without importing mud from Belgium. The aluminum frame handles all the abuse you can throw at it, and provides a solid, stiff base for the powerful riding necessary in 'cross. A mix of intelligent components, including a carbon fiber fork, make the X-Bow a great race

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Specy Crux, Redline Conquest Pro or Ridley Xbow

I'm looking for my first cross frame and I'm looking at these three framesets. Pricewise they are all about the same. Crux is $600 from my LBS, Redline Pro is $549 from plus shipping and the Ridley is $625 plus shipping. I kinda like the fact that the redline is BB30, I like the the Ridley is a b ... Read More »





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