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A tourer? Commuter? Monster ‘cross? Dress it up whichever way you like, the Peregrine is our most flexible frameset, with a classic lugged construction. The Peregrine harks back to some of the classic all-rounder bikes of old. Sturdy enough to hit the dirt, nimble enough for some singletrack, stable enough for touring – the Peregrine will do what you want to do, take you where you want to go. There’s enough clearance for 2.0” wide 29” tyres for true off-roading, or a nice fat 700x37 (even with mudguards) for touring, around town, or a bit of rough-stuffing. Full braze-ons for racks and mudguards mean you’re set for some long touring as well. The frame is designed to give you sharp yet predictable handling. Long stays and a low bottom bracket mean stability even with a load. However we don’t believe ‘stable’ needs to mean it handles like a cumbersome old truck. Unloaded, you can still rip along your local trails or even enter a local ‘cross race or two should the mood take you.

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new Rig! Singular Peregrine [0]

Most of the Peregrines I've seen have been set up with drop bars, or North Road type cruiser-ish bars. I kinda figured that these would have potential as a retro-mod bike. I liked the level TT, the lugged construction and the room for 2.1" rubber at best. Yeah, kinda limiting, but the point of this ... Read More »

Spam Singular Peregrine on Ebay

I have a Singular Peregrine for sale on Ebay. [url][/url] great looking frame and fork just too big for me.Read More »

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