Specialized Tricross Sport Cyclocross Bike

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Product Description

Tricross Sport the perfect do-it-all bike for anything from trails to commuting to touring, with rack/fender mounts and secondary brake levers. 9-speed Shimano components and a carbon fork improve gear range and provide smoother ride and quicker handling.

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i rode a 49 cm Specialized Tricross Sport Disc today

the bike fit me amazing well. i thought a 49 would be awkward . but it handled really nice i was afraid a 50cm trek cross-rip was too small. but even the 49 tricross didn't feel small. it felt really goodRead More »

2008 Tricross comp versus the Sport

Is there any difference between the frames of the 2008 tricross sport and comp? Is the comp lighter becuse of the components or the frame? Any idea on the weight of the two? Thanks SteveRead More »

Need advice on Tricross Specialized Sport 2011

Hi, I don't see lot of information going on about this bike. Maybe 1-2 weeks ago I saw it already on a UK web site but they removed it.. however, i did copy paste the information before they deleted it. I heard somewhere that the MSRP price of the Tricross Sport '11 would be around 1250 US like t ... Read More »

New Specialized TriCross Sport Triple - Mods

I think this is my first post here - while I've cycled on and off over the last 20 or so years, I just now finally bought a good bike. But of course, it's on the cheap end of good - so I'm beginning to think ahead of what I'll change. I'm a large guy - 6'3", and usually around 250 lbs. This gen ... Read More »

2007 Jamis Nova vs Specialized TriCross Sport

I was wondering what people's thoughts were on the 2007 Jamis Nova which has a Reynolds 631 steel frame. How does this compare to the Specialized TriCross Sport, Fuji Cross Comp, or even the newer Jamis Nova models which are aluminum. It seems like people really like steel and that there are major ... Read More »

Read More »



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