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RBR needs an electric bike forum

Starting with this beauty right here: [img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QdvELd5LZiU/UH18PdvLPvI/AAAAAAAAAiI/eu-JZZJH1js/s1600/IMG_0017.jpg[/img] [url=http://liberatorbike.blogspot.com/]Liberator[/url]Read More »

Caught this chap on an electric bike leaving the office

Man, I didnt know they moved pretty quick. It's a nice alternative for those that dont want to completely self power their bikes Since i suck at trying to embed youtube clips here's the link [url]http://youtu.be/zEZc473R8GM[/url] Read More »

Specialized Turbo Electric Bike

At the Spesh centre today I tried the Turbo bike. Amazing machine! Built up as a hybrid style bike, it provides a boost when you pedal. You have a 10 speed cassette like normal, with one chainring. Pedal off gently and the hand of god whisks you up to 30kmh very quickly. Like a massive tailwind (thi ... Read More »

New electric bike from NZ

This is actually a cool looking design, pretty heavy but I like how it looks. [URL="http://www.yikebike.com/site/gallery/video/yikebike-discovery-channel"]http://www.yikebike.com/site/gallery/video/yikebike-discovery-channel[/URL]Read More »

Have you tried an electric bike? Which one?

It seems that commuting and Cargo Bikes are the ideal application for electic assist. Have you tried one? Will you try one? Which model and how was it? fcRead More »

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