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Our bikes are built around our Chromoly track frame core. Great geometry, drop out frame, straight blade forks and flip-flop hub, and just 25 pounds are just some of the highlights. Designed for recreational riding, our bikes make for great commutes to work or school, and are perfect for the townie or bar hopper. Sleek looks with solid, dependable components make this bike a stand out from the others. On top of that our customization options and exceptional price make our bikes a no brainer when it comes to value. Take a look at what we have to offer.

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Oregon hand built Luna road bike and track bike

I've been trying to find info on a couple of bikes I have picked up locally. Can't find any info on them. Both Luna frames have stickers that say 'moonlight designs'. Both are made of high end Columbus tubing. The track frame was bought from a shop up in portland and the road bike was bought complet ... Read More »

Help Felt TK2 track bike - fork needed

Hi Dave (or anyone) if you read this can you offer any advice on how I can obtain a replacement fork for my felt tk2 track bike 54cm frame? many thanks VicRead More »

Help choosing a track bike

I am currently racing CX this season and going to jump into track next year. The bike I am currently looking at would be the Specialized Langster Pro, which I can get with my team discount for around $1100. Is there another track bike in that price range that I should be looking at instead? I a ... Read More »

Track Bike Sizing

Normally in road bikes I prefer a 530mm top tube with a 100mm stem. For the track bike I am building as a commuter I will be running a shorter stem and riser bars which will sweep back. Should I consider going to a longer top tube like a 540mmRead More »

Suggestion for a throwaway bike ( track/commuter bike) TK3 or Langster?

Hi, I need a good throwaway track bike that I can use for city biking . . . either a Felt TK3 or Specialized Langster. Which one is lighter and which one has better stock components (ie wheels, saddle, etc). What are the pluses and negatives of either. I also plan to put brakes on these track bik ... Read More »

Read More »



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