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Can I use an FSA carbon steerer compression plug on an aluminum steerer?

I just found out last night that the annoying squeaking that I had been investigating for months was coming form my headset. I took the cap off an found that the star nut was broken and ready to pop out. I went to the bike store and asked for a compression plug since it seems like a more reliable sy ... Read More »

What's a good headset plug expander?

I was about to pull the trigger on the FSA headset plug expander. But I want to get some feedback on recommendation first. It's for a Cervelo 3T fork 1-1/8" diameter. Thanks.Read More »

SL4 Recall POLL, who has the new compression plug and how has the lame cheap one?

OK Who has the new Specialized Compression plug (just like the original just smaller diameter) and who has the cheap replacement?Read More »

Star nut or compression plug

Hey all I bought a new Chris King no thread head set for a new frame and fork that should be arriving soon. The Chris King installation instructions say to use a star nut but compression plugs seem like a more robust alternative. Any reason not to use a compression plug? ThanksRead More »

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