IRO Angus Fixie Bike

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Product Description

Our old school, classic track frame. Sleek and simple lines. Reynolds 631 steel tubing. Fixed only. 1" threaded fork. Front brake mounts only. No cable stops. One bottle mount. 120mm rear dropouts. Accepts up to 700x28cc tires. Complete bike, 56cm size, 18.25 lbs. Standard Wheelset.

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Prepare your Angus!

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IRO Angus Questions

I've been looking for a new bike to ride this summer and so far have it down to the IRO Angus, IRO Mark V and the Surly Steamroller. I need something pretty sturdy seeing as how Chicago roads are terrible and its inevitable I hit some nasty bumps. I like the Angus most but see on the site it says it ... Read More »



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