Leader Bike 725 Fixie Bike

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2011 725: Aluminum Track
available colors: black, white, seafoam green

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Fake Leader 725?

I found this complete Leader online, but im pretty sure it's fake. The seat clamp is way different than the normal ones, i may be wrong but im not to sure if its real or not.[IMG]http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa372/Euhyung/Leaderfake.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa372/Euhy ... Read More »

Polar 725 Battery Change

My Polar 725 is out of warranty and the battery needs to be changed. Just wondering if anyone has changed the battery on their Polar 725 HRM? I know what Polar states on their website about changing the battery. Unfortunately, I do not have access to send my HRM to Polar, or take it to a watch repai ... Read More »

Downloading exercises to Polar 725

I just got my Polar725x. I also have to IR USB reader too. Is there a way that i can set up interval exercises(warmup time, interval times, with cooldowns inbetween) on my PC then shoot them over to my watch? Or do i have to set them all up manually though my watch itself? Is that confusing caus ... Read More »

Garmin Edge 305 vs Polar 725

So whats the opinion of which is better? I'm not really trying to do any races, just want to improve in general. Seems like the Polar has the advantage of more intelligently figuring out what your heart rate range should be and the fitness tests while the Edge in that area is very basic. But is ... Read More »

Cinelli Ram Bars - Polar 725 Mount

Hi All. I am not having luck attaching the watch mount onto the Cinelli bars, it goes, but tha nagle etc is all wrong. Has anyone worked through this, is there a different attachment you can get. I do have the C ram bar computer attachment. The Polar 725 mount is just not a happening thing. Your ... Read More »

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