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The Analog is a complete bike from NS, based on the Analog aftermarket frame and fork. Although at a first glance it seems like something completely different from other bikes in the product line, it is in fact a bike that has a lot in common with our NS philosophy. The Analog is pure fixed gear freestyle bike, it is not a traditional track bike! It's strong enough to trick, but still very light. It uses the same tubes as our dirt jumping frames. It has the same attention to detail and the same focused design as all our other products. It is in essence, a radical no-compromise trick-track bike that can also function as a great bike for high-speed everyday commuting. Our products have been used by fix-trix bikers for several years, especially our forks, that were a very common site in fixie bikes around the world. These guys have been asking us to make some specific fixed gear products - and together with a group of the most influential fixie riders we came up with designs and ideas that materialised in the form of a frame, a fork and a complete bike. There are now lots of new-school riders doing hardcore moves on their fixies, but not too many bikes, frames or forks that are strong enough to handle this kind of abuse. We feel that the Analog product line should fill in this gap perfectly. Analog is designed for pegless use. The Analog frames will fit tires up to 700x38C and will be barspinable with this size. The geometry is different than that found in traditional track bikes - the length of the top tube will be longer in the corresponding size, and we suggest using shorter stems (40-50mm) to achieve the correct riding position.

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