Pinarello Catena Fixie Bike

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Pinarello Catena Messenger Bike: Giovanni Pinarello?s life and work began in a small town called Catena. Perhaps its name (which means ''chain'' in Italian) already held the key to his destiny. The Catena bike is produced using traditional...

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Pinarello Catena or Wabi Special

All, I am getting ready to purchase a single speed road bike to ride on 60 to 100 mile rides. I have seen the posts from happy people with Wabi, but one of the bike shops I frequent would be able to order a Pinarello Catena. Looking at the frame specifications for the Wabi, I am not sure about ... Read More »

Pinarello Catena

Wandered thru Richardson Bike Mart this morning (the biggest bike shop I've ever seen) and of all the bikes in there, this one caused me to stop dead and jerk my head around. It's that beautiful in person. [img][/img] The photos really do ... Read More »

Pinarello Catena

Anyone know any thing about it? It looks real nice. [url][/url]Read More »

Catena Lusso

I posted this up in the retro forum, if anyone can help me with the age of this bike that would be great. I picked this up at a garage sale, 54.5 ST/55.5 TT Columbus Matrix tubing, full shimano 600 6spd index shifting.Read More »

Pinarello Catena Lusso

I picked this bike up last weekend at a garage sale, can anyone shed some light on it's age? It has a full shimano 600 6 spd SIS index shifting group. The frame measures 54.5 ST and 55.5 TT, the frame has a columbus matrix sticker on the seat tube. KellyRead More »

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