Pinarello Diesel Fixie Bike

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Pinarello's technology and know-how blend with Diesel's style and creativity to create "Only the Brave", the brand-new urban bike to ride the world's streets. The Hydroformed Aluminium 6061 T6 used for the frame allows for an original and distinctive design, while preserving handling agility, cornering ability and speed; crucial features for riding urban streets.

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What is it with diesel pickup drivers?

That they think it's the height of humor to gear down when passing a cyclist and "crop dust" the cyclist(s) with sooty diesel exhaust. I'd estimate this happens at LEAST half the time I'm passed by a diesel, and this is in metro Denver. It's happened at least two or three times in the last fours d ... Read More »

living with diesel vehicles, long-term

Whew! Gone again, back again. Can someone give me the quick lowdown on life with a diesel vehicle over the long term? What are the maintenance pros and cons? I understand that, ceteris paribus, that the motor will last a lot longer, but I also understand some companies - namely VW - have h ... Read More »

Diesel fumes increase risk of heart failure

A UK study connects diesel fumes to heart problems: [url][/url] More a problem in Europe where diesel powered passenger cars are far more common than in the USA. But as fuel efficiency here has become a leading consideration, pro ... Read More »


I was at a red light today when a dude in a full-size diesel pickup went cruising by on the perpendicular green light. Right as he entered the intersection, his truck began belching super black fumes, almost looking like soot. He was f'ing with something on the center of the dash and giving me the ... Read More »

Diesel engines

Teach me. For some reason I want one in my next car. Yeah I know they are more expensive but man they they get killer mileage. The only real issue is that I only have a 3 mile drive to work. I go home for lunch most days. I would put a max 12 miles a day on the car split up and even stopping ... Read More »

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