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Would this rear wheel fit my fixie bike?

I have a fixie bike with a 700X38c tire. would this fit? [url=http://www.modernbike.com/itemgroup.asp?IGPK=2126186009&SSAID=389818]Dimension Value Series 2 700c Rear Wheel Shimano 2200 Alex DC19 Black 32h from ModernBike.com[/url]Read More »

Fixie bike for $100

I'm new here. I bought this bike Saturday after reading a lot of reviews, and even some where by a bike mechanics, and other cyclist recommending taking it to a bike shop to get the wheels trued. It's a Kent Thruster, and it is from Wal-Mart. My budget is really tight right now. I have removed the r ... Read More »

Built up a new SS/Fixie. Budget Bike Pr0n included.

So, I sold a lens and had the money slated to fix up my 'beater' 1981 Peugeot. Come to learn than that frame had some quirks and I didn't really want to spend a ton of money on a bike that is only collectable to me. I'm kind of utilitarian. So, I scrapped that idea and over the past 3 weeks I'v ... Read More »

Road bike or Fixie

I'm trying to decide whether to get a road bike or a fixie, I live in santa clarita/valencia, ca. I'm going to be just riding to and from school and to the gym the most I'll probably ride on a regular day is 10 miles and that's being generous. However maybe on the weekends I'll take longer trips. ... Read More »

I bought my girlfriend a cheap fixie hipster bike this morning

I saw it on Bonktown for 99 dollars. It's a SE Draft Lite with flat bars, 28s, fixed gear. I'm going to put flat pedals and a freewheel on it. She hates drop bars and the idea of shifting is usually too complex for her to be of interest. I wasn't sure exactly what size to get, so I got a 52 cm t ... Read More »

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