Downtube Mini Folding Bike

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The mini is a 16" (305) wheel bike. Available with 9sp Shimano Capreo STI (only shifting group especially made for folding bicycles). Very comfy due to rear suspension design.

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Textro mini V Rx5 install on Ritchey cross Breakaway steel

So the cable guide pipe on these breaks exits to the side but the front and rear breaks have center pull fittings. I assume that in the rear, the center pull fitting is not used and the cable bypasses it and goes directly into the pipe. Is that right? In the front, I suppose the bracket on the ... Read More »

New Arrival 6LED Colored Bicycle Mini Front Lights Safty Lights Bike Headlights

I bought a novelty[URL=""] here[/URL],recommend it to everyone!! [B] For:[/B] Bicycle [B]Type:[/B] Bicycle Front Light [B]Material:[/B] Aluminum alloy, Plastic [B]Functions:[/B] Low power consumption, Hig ... Read More »

Newbie questions: sealant in tubes and mini-torque wrench

I was going to post this in "Beginners' Corner," but it probably is more appropriate in this forum, even if it is pretty basic. I have my first flat on a brand-new bike and I'm going to fix it tomorrow or the next day. I've never done it before, but my plan is to replace the tube with a new one ... Read More »

Biking with an iPad mini?

I've been using an iPad mini as a phone substitute, and left it in the car while I went biking. I came back to a car with one fewer window, iPad, etc. :mad2: I'm not thrilled about carrying such things into combat, but in this case I think I would have been better off. It is a bit too big for a ... Read More »

Does anyone use a TRP CX9 mini-V with a fender? Does it clear it?

So the LBS will order the TRP CX9 mini-v but they won't accept a return if it doesn't clear the fender. I could order online from the US but returning it costs a fair bit. I have a CaadX with 35mm tires and full fenders and I want to change the cantis to CX9's. Does anyone have CX9's that c ... Read More »

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