Downtube NS Folding Bike

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The NS folding bike is our no suspension model with 9sp drivetrain. It is not as comfy as our other bikes, however it is the lightest bike we carry with all alumium frame and fork. The bike includes rack, kickstand, and fenders, however if you remove them it weights a light 24lbs. No other bike in it's weight class costs under $650

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That would be Non-Cycling/Non-Subaru [img][/img] Car has almost 2000 miles on it so today I DROVE it for the first time today, I can say I was NOT unimpressed! She handles like a go cart. Absolutely flat....I think it may have a ... Read More »

Paging: ALL 'eminent domain' F@ns

Is there annyone on this board who *DOESN"T* like this @ some level? [img][/img] Campaign to seize US judge's home [b] Activists angered by a US Sup ... Read More »

Spinning in Halifax NS???

Hello out there, I have to be in Halifax for a prolonged period of time and I will need to continue training. does anyone know of a healthclub with spinning facilities that I might be able to go to while I am out there? I most likely will be staying in downtown Halifax, so it would be great if it ... Read More »

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