Tour De France 6 Speed Folding Bike

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Tour De France 6 Speed Folding Bicycle

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6 yr. old Chorus shifters and new 10 speed rear derailleur ?

I have 6 year old carbon chorus shifters. Am I going to have any trouble if I get a new short cage 10 speed rear derailleur? Will it shift OK?Read More »

Convert down tube shifter to STI shifters with Campag 980 6 x 2 speed

[COLOR=#000000]Hi,[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]I want to convert my Raleigh Rapide from downtube shifters to STI shifters.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000](top bike)[/COLOR] [URL=""][/URL] [COLOR=#0 ... Read More »

6 speed chain

I just completed a Colnago Triomphe build and installed a Regina 6 speed freewheel (13/22) with a KMC Z50 chain. I noticed that when shifting I sometimes get the chain riding on top of the two adjacent cogs before dropping up or down to the cog I was shifting onto. The KMC chain is 1/2" X 3/32 an ... Read More »

6 speed Uni-glide chain

What size chain for old Shimano 600 non-indexed and a 6 speed freewheel? I'm thinking 1/2 x 3/32. Do I need anything tricky for the twisted tooth freewheel and do I need a special chain tool?Read More »

6 Speed Freewheel on 120mm Spacing?

Hi guys, I've got an older Dura-Ace 6-speed freewheel that I want to use but my rear dropouts have 120mm spacing. Unfortunately, my frame is carbon fiber so I don't want to stretch anything. This has been driving me nuts because the freewheel just keeps rubbing on the dropout! :mad2: Do you guys kno ... Read More »

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