Apollo Incline Hybrid Bike

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MSRP : $489.00

Product Description

  • Frame: 6061 butted alloy "Comfort zone" geometry frame with snake stays
  • Fork: Apollo suspension fork with 30mm travel with preload, alloy crown and legs
  • Headset: Threaded semi - sealed 1-1/8"
  • Grip: Kraton gel dual density comfort grip
  • Headstem: Alloy adjustable quill stem

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Relation between hill incline angle and gear ratio

Does anyone know a formula relating the incline of a hill (theta1) and the gear ratio (r1) to a theta2 and r2 for constant crank power and rpm? Ignore aerodynamics, frictions, etc... I could derive this myself but it might take awhile, and I imagine someone else has derived this before, so I was ... Read More »

Chainsawing on mud on a 5,000% incline

Is freakin awesome. . . . . . . . That is all.Read More »

How can you measure incline grade?

Is there a bike-mounted device that measures the grade of inclines? I seem to remember seeing something that clips on the bars and gives you a reading.Read More »

11% incline?

is that a hard grade? I tried it last night and the distance was probably approximately a quarter of a mile. I really wanted to quit really bad in the middle, but i would've felt stupid if i did, so i got to the top of the hill and i collapsed. my thighs were burning and they continued to burn fo ... Read More »

25 deg incline.........NNC

.....can u ride up a 25 degree incline? A bicycle-riding robot called Murata Boy has been unveiled at the five-day Ceatec Japan show by MuRata manufacturing. The robot is capable of riding up a 25-degree slope and navigating curves.Read More »

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