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A super lightweight urban bike – elegant and with a lean and clean look.Disc brakes make the riding safe whether in the city or on leisure rides. Thanks to the particularly stiff 3D dropouts the triple butted Aluminum Superlite frame is very rigid. Internal Cable Routing preserves the clean appearance and keeps maintenance low. The 11 speed Shimano Alfine internal gear hub comes with a broad gear range.

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Inserting image in "Quick Reply" on gets link, in Full Editor,one gets the full image

Ok, I found this a bit annoying. Whenever I insert an image using "Quick Reply" (link at bottom of page), it shows up as a hyperlink. Whenever I insert an image using the full/advanced editor, it shows up as inserted into the message. When editing, it seems to appear the same in preview screen ... Read More »

Velo magazine's editor’s pick for the best bike on the floor of NAHBS 2014

this bike here: [img][/img] .... pardon me for saying so, but what year is it now? Have I been magically transported to Brooklyn 1999? [url= ... Read More »

Hmmm, Brooks editor at Sun when Brown's records hacked

Reports state she phoned Brown with details of his sons medical condition just days after he was born. Seems to be a trail here. Could it lead to the US? Just asking a question. :D [url][/url]Read More »

4NEC2's Geometric Editor

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment! Arie's help files only hint at the power built into the Geometric Editor. To avoid becoming totally frustrated with the Geometric Editor, keep it simple in the beginning. I think the best way to learn what this editor can do is by first drawing very simple ante ... Read More »

For one last time-Dear Penthouse Forum-RIP editor of mag who got me through puberty.

[URL=""][/URL] Hef was Hef...but Bob knew where the fun bits were and was happy to let them show it.Read More »

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