Devinci Drive Hybrid Bike

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This high-speed commuter meets adept off-road companion is a hybrid dynamo that combines fast 700c wheels and appreciated front fork suspension for versatile performance across all terra firma. Powered by Devinci’s best-in-class aluminum frame tech, the Drive is light, sturdy, and delivers superior handling in the form of road bike rolling efficiency and trail tackling bump compliance. Pilot the dual sport Drive today and experience just how far a bike can take you.

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Seven Lakes Drive and a Bear!!!!!!

Last week my brother told me he saw a bear across the street from the local high school. He was rummaging through someones garbage. I thought, kind of cool (Stupid, i know!!). This happens from time to time. It happened once when I was in school there many years ago. This morning I turned so ... Read More »

Don't drive with cash the cops will just take it

I fond this vary disturbing. Cops have become much more aggressive in traffic stops and have been seizing large amounts of money from people in normal traffic stops. The people never get charged with any thing but have to fight for years to get the money back. And some only get part if any. [url ... Read More »

Cops can lawfully text and drive, run over and kill cyclists.

Wow. Fantastic. [B][URL=""]Deputy Who Hit Biking Napster Exec While Driving Distracted Won't Face Charges[/URL][/B] [QUOTE]The L.A. County District Attorney announced today that it wouldn't be pressing charges against a Sher ... Read More »

Kilo TT Belt Drive Conversion

Thought I'd share this as I've seen a couple of folks discussing/asking about the possibility of making a fixie belt-driven bike. The answer is yes! It took a bit of time, money, patience, and ALOT of research. In the end, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. A quick bit of background... I r ... Read More »

non drive side spoke tension

I have a set of Reynolds attack wheels, used that came with a bike i got used a couple years ago. I rode them for a while and then swapped them out for some alloys (neuvations). i was putting them on my madone last night and with the nifty hidden aero rear brake i came upon some issues with the b ... Read More »

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