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The bike is one of the most efficient forms of transportation ever conceived. From the moment you hit go, your cardiovascular engine is directly linked to pedal stroke and spinning wheel. Simple. Genius. With our expanded urban and cyclepath lineups there’s never been a better excuse to leave the car in park and venture out on the most fuel efficient rides on the road. Save the jams for your toast and skip today’s traffic for a greener tomorrow.

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Calling you Brits: Quandary - Fly my bike to Britain (London) or not?

OK - long story. I have to fly to London for legal reasons. I am on a very tight budget and was planning to bring my beater '86 Bianchi for transport and for fun. But as its going to cost me about $150 would it be better to find one there? Are great old bikes waiting to be restored on every street c ... Read More »

Police dealing with stolen bike in London

Was working in the bike shop today when late in the evening 3 guys not past 18 years old come into the shop asking how much a bike is worth and if we would buy it etc etc.... was clearly the wrong size for them and the front spokes were cut, straight away I flagged the bike was most likely stolen. ... Read More »

Teammate of mine is over in London

with the US Paralympic team. He normally races against guys with two arms, and beats many of them. So far, he's only done Track events. On his trip home, he has to make a quick stop at the White House, since he won a Gold. . . . Read More »

And the first caught medalist doper in London is---

[QUOTE]Just hours after the close of the Olympics, a female shot putter from Belarus was stripped of her gold Monday in the first case of an athlete losing a medal for doping at the London Games. With the disqualification of Nadzeya Ostapchuk, the gold medal was awarded to Valerie Adams of New Ze ... Read More »


[IMG][/IMG] Happy MondayRead More »

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