Fezzari Speedster Hybrid Bike

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Product Description

The Speedster is the ultimate fitness / cruiser / commuter bike. It's lightweight and fast like a road bike, but the mountain bike-style geometry, including straight handlebars, allow you to sit more upright, making it comfortable, safe, and controllable to ride in all types of traffic

As a commuter bike: because you sit upright more, it’s safer in traffic. It’s also light (approx 23 lbs) so you can carry it up stairs if you need to. The narrow tires and gearing make it about 20% more efficent than a mountain or other large tire bike. You can also add accessories easily: there are mounting bolts on the front and back for racks; we also offer quick release fenders specially designed for the Speedster series of bikes.

As a cruiser bike: the Speedster is at least 10 lbs lighter than a traditional cruiser bike, so you’ll go farther and faster. The upright seating position allows you to talk easily with others as you ride. Plus you have multiple gear options (27-speeds) for hills and valleys. You’ll enjoy the ride around the lake or the beach much more with this bike. It also has mounting bolts for child carriers.

As a Hybrid bike: You can get optional mountain bike treaded tires to take the Speedster on trails. The all-aluminum frame and components are extremely durable. The hydraulic disc brakes will also stop you in any condition.

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Kevin Cardiff a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: December 28, 2012

Strengths:    Fairly lightweight, very practical for commuting and fitness rides, nice hydraulic disc brakes, Taiwanese frame (not Chinese!). Very comfortable riding position.

Weaknesses:    Cheap pedals.

Bottom Line:   
Overall, this bike is a great value for the money. I use it for 25 mile rides all the time from my home in the southwest Las Vegas Valley to Red Rock Canyon.
Not for roadie snobs, whom I find curiously amusing, since they must have bleeding edge cycling gear and are obsessed with the weight of the bike, but not of the rider.
When I got this bike, the first time I rode it, I realized I would have to modify my 2002 Cannondale Road Warrior 900 to ride more like this one, because the Speedster fits my body type and riding position perfectly.

Overall Rating:3
Value Rating:4
Submitted by Peter Gitta

Date Reviewed: May 11, 2012

Strengths:    Fit / Finish, Disc Brakes, Carbon Fork, Some decent components

Weaknesses:    Cheap grips, Somewhat uncomfortable saddle (for me at least), Absurd single-sided platform pedals, MSRP marketing hype, No brazed pump mounts, no complimentary cheap Chinese water bottle

Bottom Line:   
My Fezzari Speedster R2 arrived within a week via FedEx undamaged. Protection for bike consisted of white foam taped to most posts. The bike was mostly assembled with only the front wheel, handlebars, seat post, and pedals as major components needing to be installed. Something that hits you right away is how many times the word "Fezzari" is displayed on the bike. I counted 22. Each side of the down tube...each chain stay...headset....post....bars...on and on. I'm almost surprised they didn't name it the "Fezzari Fezzari R2-(Fezzari)"

The front disc had an annoying scrape which needed adjusting, and the derailleurs chattered in the lowest gears on each ring. Normally none of that would have bothered me except for the fact they give you the impression the bike would be scrutinized like the first Space Shuttle launch after Challenger disaster. The reality is they probably have the same minimum wage teenager assembling your bike as the bike shops do. No biggie. I adjusted them.

Pedals. It is astounding to me that Fezzari would ship a $1000 bicycle with the joke pedals this thing arrived with. They are single sided platforms that immediately flip over to expose the side you CAN'T pedal on the second you remove your foot. The result is you are constantly fiddling and flipping the ridiculous things into position every time you stop. This more than anything irritated me over any adjustment or tweak I had to make post delivery. Those things happen. These pedals should only happen at Walmart. Maybe not even there. Fezzari claims these are used because people want to use clips, but there are better solutions than those cheap things. Especially since I'm getting a $1650 bike for $1000, right?! LOL.

Aside from the above, the Speedster R2 is a nice bike. I do like it. It has a nice "frosty" blue finish and feels pretty tight. The carbon fork seems to provide a fair amount of shock absorption, and nothing feels quite as tight as disc brakes. You can literally lock up the rear wheel with one pinky if you try, but you run the risk of tearing off the 1/256" of rubber you have between you and the road in the Maxxis Detonator tires. I wouldn't recommend that.

I'll be upgrading the grips, pedals, adding a kickstand, and possibly going to a 32mm tire when the Detonators do that. It almost seems like Fezzari paid for the disc brakes by using cheap grips, saddle, pedals, etc. The money items seem to be in the major components, and something had to suffer to make it work.

All in all I'm happy with my purchase. I feel I got about $1100 worth of bike for $1000. I didn't have to pay tax. I got the discs I wanted, and I got something that doesn't look like every other bike out there from the big three players. Important to me...maybe not so much to someone else. I do wish they could have thrown in a cheap water bottle and cage as a bone. Hell, look at it this way, they could have gotten "Fezzari" on the bike a couple more times!

I would put this bike on par with a Specialized Comp. Very similar, and the Specialized has some nicer features here, and the Fezzari some there. I prefer the Fezzari. My neighbor prefers the Specialized. And it makes total sense, because I bought the Fezzari, and he bought the Specialized. No surprise there.

Just don't think you're stealing a bike for half price. Fezzari does have to make up for shipping, and you didn't really think they were going to split the dealer markup with you, did you?

Notes: My "all-up" weight with large air pump, rear rack, tools, spare tube: 29lbs (about 25lbs out of the box)

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Price Paid:    $999.00

Purchased At:   Fezzari.com

Similar Products Used:   Specialized Sirrus Elite, Comp,

Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)

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