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  • Frame: Indie City Butted Alloy w/Chainstay Disc

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Duende - An Indie film I've been cast in

Is in the running for the project of the week. I'd be much obliged if you'd take a few seconds to vote for Duende. A win would mean a consult with snagfilms, and entry to win a consult with the Sundance people. Both of these things are a big deal for the film makers. Thank you, than ... Read More »

How an indie musician can make $19,000 in 10 hours using twitter

Amanda Fu*king Palmer. [QUOTE]total made on twitter in two hours = $11,000. total made from my huge-ass ben-folds produced-major-label solo album this year = $0[/QUOTE] I love her. And this is a good story, worth a read. I found it originally from a Salon article ([URL=" ... Read More »

80's Indie Pop appreciation thread

The La's (with one of the best albums put on record): And who can forget: [url][/url] The Feelies: They're rocking my Monday. EDIT to add a little Finnish pop to the mix: Read More »

Indie rockers, alt-county fans...

[URL=""]Blitzen Trapper[/URL] is starting out on a US tour to support their newest, "Wild Mountain Nation." The album runs the gamut between indie standard to country jam and was a great road trip companion. (600 mile cross state trek in a ratted out Chevy pickup th ... Read More »

Nice little gig last night (indie hipsters thisaway----------> )

[url=]Concrete Frequency: Songs of the City.[/url] downtown L.A. at Disney Hall an acoustic gathering of musicians all there to share 2 or 3 songs about cities, urban life, skylines, whatever inspires them about a city, L.A. or otherwise. ... Read More »

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