Specialized Sirrus Sport Hybrid Bike

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Specialized Sirrus Sport: Combining the heart of the world's best road bikes with a flat-bar, urban-friendly form, Sirrus Sport redefines the notion of versatility. 27-speed Shimano gearing keeps your pedaling efficient over varied terrain...

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Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by MilesB a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: July 13, 2016

Strengths:    Very comfortable. Absorbs much of the frame vibration ending into curves of the frame. Carries a lot of weight (me - 255 lbs), frame flexs at the correct points when going across rain gutters in the trails. Handles very nice and is a very stable ride on trails and asphalt. The bike does its best on stone dust trails. A great bike for the 50 mile ride. A cruiser on 7 degree uphill rides at 12 mph and 7 degree downhills safely at 28/30 mph or all day rolling flats from 16 to 18.5 mph. Very forgiving when unseen ruts eat you alive just when you need to be up --- you'll stay up instead of going in the mud.

Weaknesses:    Terrible seat post. Replace it with a much stronger one with a shock in the post. Ditch the common seat, too. Get one that really fits you butt bones.
Put 2 sets of steer horns on handle bars with one pointing up and one down. Make sure to buy the Specialized Comfort Grips. This setup is a wrist saver.
Replace chain every 1000 miles if you want your sprockets to last, especially if you ride stone dust or sand. You'll pay near $300.00 to replace your crank, chain and cassettes if they wear out from not doing proper maintenance.
Get rid of pedals and replace with cleats and wear cleated shoes. You will need the extra pull up and standing positions pressures trying to put all the pressure on one downside you'll find yourself slipping off the pedals due to frame twisting. Frame twisting is good to a point when you need the give to be safe -- but, there is a limit.
Important: Ditch the common hubs and Alex wheel sets and go to a Shimano disk brake mountain bike hubs (without disks) and Mavic A119 front and A419 rear rims. With common rims and spokes eventually your spokes will begin popping and you'll potato chip the rear rim just about the time you're 50 miles from home in the forest. if you weight over 180 pounds and do any sort of duration type rides with added weight you need this new rim and hub setup with thick steel spokes (no stainless). I weight 255 and ride hard and this is a tried and proven solution.
Get rid of the Specialized Nimbus tires and put on Specialized Infinity with FlakJacket technology tires. You'll never have another flat and they wear really great. I run 700x35 at about 85psi. You can run higher psi but, it just wears out the tires quicker.

Bottom Line:   
I've ridden my Sirrus Sport now for over 7000 miles. Biking for me in Canada is seasonal as is with most things up here. I bought it new in February of 2011 and have been through the ringer with this bike to make it fit me. I'm 6 foot and 255 pounds and fairly strong. I show no mercy to any bicycle but, I am hooked on this Sirrus for some reason. THE FRAME: The frame is THAT WHICH IS is so important ON any bicycle. The Sirrus comes in whatever size you need and the advertised size is going to be the one they tell you it is. My Sirrus is a 54cm (about 21.25 inches). I tried a 56cm and even though if fit nice -- it was a little on the sluggish side for my build so I found going down a size made it work for me....and the bike works or I will kill it. I am on my 3rd chain, casette cluster and crankset due to my riding habits on the Trans Canadian Trail and just about only there and the stone dust gets ignored too many times and crap just wears out....so I pay. Right now I have just put on RockShox Paragon 50mm road shocks on the front and I love them. Caveat -- there is 4 years that Specialized has a weird proprietary headset for the head tube just for RockShox so I recommend getting a newer Sirrus without that special problem of a special shim for the headset. I have a 2010 and I don't know the exact years but, I do know mine is one of them. The newer frames are about the same as the old ones I think - but, the RockShox really does wonders for the ride. I'm 62 this year and have ridden my Sirrus for over 7000 miles and will probably keep riding it until the aluminum frame breaks at about 8 to 10 years of bike life for the kind of torture I give the frame....But, that's why they are called 'Special"ized....LOL. But, without doing any of these changes I've made over the years -- The Specialized Sirrus is an excellent bike for people who just want a simple ride to work and home or to the park on a nice group ride day. For any rider who wants a lightweight bike which is safe, responsive and with a stable frame and will take care of your riding -- Specialized Sirrus is the Bike of the Century as for what I have experienced with it. The frame is very strong where it needs to be and a bit more gentle where it needs to be. It adheres to decades of biking standards and with a low price. If you think old bike standards are good -- then Sirrus is your bike and if you think more modern and updated is better -- then Sirrus is your bike. Have safe and fun riding. Cheers

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Favorite Ride:   Rosarito Beach to Ensenada

Price Paid:    $470.00

Purchased At:   Tommy LeFabre

Similar Products Used:   Canondale

Bike Setup:   Hybrid for everyday trail riding upto 50 miles.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by DT Ramone a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: May 28, 2015

Strengths:    Quality aluminum frame, comfortable saddle, price

Weaknesses:    heavy, slow (but hey, its not a road bike!)

Bottom Line:   
I bought the 2010 Sirrus in 2013 and since then have ridden hundreds of miles including several CicLAvias and a lot of Meetup rides. What was meant to be a casual cruising bike has become my urban runabout, fitness bike and commuter.

The base Sirrus I have (in gray with white accents) has decent quality Shimano components; nothing like SLX/XT parts on my other bikes but will do the job well. It is a 3x8 with 48-38-28 crankset and 11-32 cassette so there are plenty of gears to suit any road or path. Keep the shifter tuned properly and you will never have any problems. Brake lever feel is good and doesnt need a hard squeeze to stop the bike.

The bike is comfortable to ride with an upright riding position. The saddle is a specialized BG and is comfortable even without bike shorts/padding/chamois. Just make sure the saddle is adjusted correctly. At 5'10" the stem doesnt feel too long at all and for shorter riders the stem is proportionate with the bike's size.

There are a few changes I had made to the bike. I bought the bike used and it already came with Origin8 ergo grips with bar ends. I hightly recommend getting ergonomic grips with bar ends to anyone who want to ride for distance or fitness. It makes a huge difference in riding comfort.

I replaced the OEM Specialized handlebars with an aftermarket flat bar. The stock riser bar felt too high and too upright for fitness riding. With the riding position biased towards neutral, cruising speeds of 13 MPH can easily be done.

I replaced the pedals with wide, flat pedals that are similar to BMX/downhill MTB for casual and commuter duties. For longer rides I swap out it out to Shimano SPDs.

The stock rear Alex rim had split, perhaps the previous owner went off too many curbs with it so it was replaced with a Weimann rim with Shimano hub. Its heavier than the Alex rim but its definitely heavier duty to suit commuter needs. The rear Specialized All Condition tire had a bad flat spot; the previous owner did too many skid stops and was replaced with a Specialized All Condition Armadillo in 700 x 28 width. Armadillos for flat resistance and 28mm for faster and less rolling resistance. The front wheel stayed stock with the Alex rim and All Conditions tire in 32mm. Once the front tire needs replacing, it will be changed to match the rear tire.

The brake pads when I acquired the Sirrus was covered in greasy stuff that looked like Armor All, Why someone would put tire dressing on bike tires and severly compromise braking is just beyond dumb. I replaced the front with Avid brake pads and cleaned the front pads and sanded it down (for a fresher layer of rubber) and installed it in the rear.

With the current setup I have (ergo grips, flat bar, SPD pedals and Armadillo tire), it has the ability to go on long, multi hour rides comfortably. Its no road bike in terms of speed but capable of being a flat bar touring bike. Future accessories would be a rack and pannier for some real touring.

I would recommend the Sirrus for those looking for a bike for casual riding, fitness/cardio rides or commuting. if you want a faster, aggressive bike, look for a road bike instead. By the way, the Sirrus would do fine on light gravel or hard pack trails if outfitted with cyclocross tires.

Always wear a helmet, ride with lights when its dark and always be mindful of traffic when commuting.

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Favorite Ride:   The one I'm on

Price Paid:    $300.00

Purchased At:   Private party

Similar Products Used:   My stable: above mentioned Sirrus, Specialized Allez Sport, Fisher Hi Fi Plus FS and Vassago Bandersnatch 29er HT

Bike Setup:   Forte flat bar, Origin8 ergo grips, Redline BMX flat pedals, Weimann rim (rear), Specialized All Conditions Aramadillo, SKS Xtra dry rear fender + Planet Bike Grunge Board for post rain rides. Cat Eye cyclometer, Cat Eye front and rear lights/blinkers and GeoManGear 900 lumen front light.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by BigDaddy a Recreational Rider

Date Reviewed: October 15, 2014

Strengths:    Well Built, components work very well with the bike as a whole, quick shifting, excellent wheels/tires. Excellent fast commuter. All for only $490.00 plus tax. LBS included a bell and water cage (Woohoo!! Sold!)

Weaknesses:    None....oh wait - Made in China. I took care of that and had the Made in China removed before riding out the door of my LBS

Bottom Line:   
2013/2014 Specialized Sirrus Sport. I use this mainly for commuting to give make my mountain a bike a mountain bike and my road bike a road bike. I can put racks front and back if needed. This bike can handle a load. Commuting isn't the only thing this bike is good for, it would excel in being a touring bike. It really is well built and light. I was surprisingly impressed with this bike.

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Price Paid:    $490.00

Purchased At:   Calmar Bicycles

Bike Setup:   Stock. Front and rear lights, Shimano XTR pedals, Rear rack (55lb load)

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Brad

Date Reviewed: June 15, 2014

Strengths:    Light weight yet very sturdy. I like the handling and easy shift and balance at low and higher speeds.

Weaknesses:    None

Bottom Line:   
A great option for everyday road use with flexible options for changing out tires for more rugged rides.

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by Bob Knott

Date Reviewed: May 18, 2014

Strengths:    Easy shifting! Great handling.

Weaknesses:    Poor choices of colours. This may be a small complaint but the only colours available were black or REALLY RED!

Bottom Line:   
I had not ridden a bicycle for nearly 40 years. After a knee replacement I needed the sort of exercise bike riding provided. I love it and ride almost every day. The only real adjustment I needed to make was to put on an adjustable yoke to raise the handlebars about 1 cm.

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