Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid Bike

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MSRP : $460.00

Product Description

  • You'll enjoy yourself and get in shape, too, on Trek's sporty 7.2 FX. This versatile machine features Trek's light Alpha SL aluminum frame with easy-rolling 700c wheels, a combination that lets you ride further and faster with the same effort. Plus, it sports a hill-flattening 24-speed drivetrain and confidence-inspiring linear-pull brakes. And, you'll love the puncture-resistant tires that keep you pedaling worry-free.

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    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Fred P a Recreational Rider

    Date Reviewed: April 19, 2015

    Strengths:    Good value.
    Easy to up grade.
    Solid frame.
    Can ride anywhere,

    Weaknesses:    Original pedals.

    Bottom Line:   
    Been riding my 7.2 since I bought her new in summer 2012. I have somewhere between 1500-2000 miles on her. I live in Atlanta and rode biking can be treacherous so I opted for something that can go over a curb, parking lots, paths, sidewalk, gravel, dirt and just plain mayhem. It's crazy here and we have traffic and folks who could care less about bikers. Back to the review. I first got her and was blown away by the speed and control. I got the dark blue model and never looked back, I like the original hardcase tires but wore out the rear and got a slicker tire, I upgraded the pedals to a platform all metal black Wellgo. The old ones fell part. I have replaced the brake pads 2x but that's normal. I put on ergon 2 grips with baby bullhorns. That made a huge difference, I also replied the rear wheel - I destroyed the rear wheel and replaced - I am getting upon mileage and had to do it..the frame has been perfect. The brakes (Tektro) have help up well. The shifters have been great. I have only had to once adjust the derailers. I have taken her on 20 mile rides with no problems. I have ridden her on charity rides and again had zero problems. I have beaten the crap out of this bike and she just keeps on rocking, I would buy a 7.2 again.

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    Favorite Ride:   Townie

    Price Paid:    $549.00

    Purchased At:   Free flite

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:4
    Submitted by Lance La Croix

    Date Reviewed: February 6, 2015

    Strengths:    The main strength of the Trek 7.2 FX is that it is a combination of a road bike and a city bike

    Weaknesses:    It is not as light or fast as a road bike and is not as comfortable as a city bike.

    Bottom Line:   
    The Trek 7.2 FX is neither a city bike nor a road bike; it is something in between. It has the comfort of a city bike but performs much like a road bike. I have had one for almost two years and I have few complaints. It is great for commuting between home, school, and work and for under $500, this bike is a deal! The bike is also great for general fitness.
    The bike was designed to combine the overall comfort of a city bike with the speed of a road bike. But, this combination does have it’s downfalls. I used my bike for a triathlon in the fall of 2013 and I was unimpressed. The FX, with its thin tires, light frame, and lack of suspension, performed better than a mountain bike or city bike but was slower than a road bike. The tires of the FX are significantly wider than the average road bike and the frame, weighing a little less than thirty pounds, is heavier as well. Even though the bike does not measure up to a road bike, it can outperform any mountain bike or city bike in a road race.
    The FX makes up for the lack of road-bike-style performance with the added comfort incorporated from the city bike. When I ride the FX I am seated in an upright position. Because of this I can ride for hours without my back hurting. Also, the 7.2 FX is equipped with Ergo grips. Unlike traditional grips that are merely rubber surrounding a straight handlebar, the Ergo grips are designed to add comfort to the ride by letting ones hands rest in a natural way. Because of the Ergo grips, I do not tweak my wrists on long rides.
    The bike is also great for shorter rides. I used to ride my FX to and from work almost every day that the weather allowed. I found out quickly that I could get to work just as fast on the bike as I could by driving because I did not have to wait in long lines at four-way stops. Instead, I could ride on the side walk and bypass the lines completely. Starting and stopping quickly at stop signs is easy and takes little energy thanks to the FX’s eight speed Shimano shifters.
    The comfort and performance of the Trek 7.2 FX are not the only reasons to consider it over other bikes. The FX also has a beautiful frame. At the moment, the bike comes in both red and in black with green decals. The bike does not look bulky but instead looks light and modern. The frame is made of aluminum which makes the bike light enough to pick up with a single finger. I have personally gotten many comments about how nice my bike looks.
    Because of the bikes comfort, performance, style, and price, I believe this bike is a deal. For under $500 I got the best of both worlds; I got a taste of a road bike and the friendliness of a city bike. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone who is trying to get in shape or who wants to get around town quickly and efficiently.

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Tom Boland a Recreational Rider

    Date Reviewed: August 27, 2013

    Strengths:    Great around town
    Great for up to 20+ miles
    Great all-purpose bike

    Weaknesses:    Vibration in forearms
    stiff ride (some of which is my fault)

    Bottom Line:   
    Purchased in 2008. 5000 to 7000 miles on the bike. Great first "real" bike. I use this as my everyday bike, including grocery runs with a bag and paniers on the back. Love it, love it, love it.

    I live in Los Angeles coastal area, which means hills. Handles them very well. This bike is better stoplight to stoplight around town than a road bike. I know this because a) I have one and b) I blow the road bikes away (for shorter distances) and I get very surprised looks when I do it.

    To fix the vibration issue would take a carbon front fork, which is way too much $$$ at this point.

    There really is no mileage limit. Often, I would start out only going for a short 10 mile ride and would end up going 50. Easy peasy. It does not keep up with road bikes on longer rides, but that's OK by me. As good on a 5 mile ride as a 25 mile ride. When going 50 miles, I probably should have gone home and changed to my road bike. That's what road bikes are for, I guess.

    Minor changes required:
    * Original seat had to go because of Bike Saddle Neuropathy. Seat replacement is almost a requirement in the first month or so anyway, so I don't blame the bike for this one. Sometimes you get lucky, most times you have to plan on a new seat.
    * Put on 700 x 32cc higher pressure (60 psi) tires on it - makes a big difference in speed, but does make the ride stiffer. It comes with 700 x 35cc (45 psi). Rider's choice on this one.
    * Needed ergo oblong grips because original ones were round profile and started to spin around very soon after purchase.

    * - Rear wheel needs to have spoke work and be trued up every year or so. Not bad. Still on original rear wheel.
    * - Had to replace front wheel because of user error - mounted too close to the exhaust when on a car bike rack. Driving down the road. "What's that rubber smell?" POP! Wheel went too far out of round and heat damaged it.
    * - Had to replace front brakes ($10) due to rusting on one exposed part. New version of brakes has coating on that part.
    * - Rear tires wear out at 2 to 3 times the rate of the front. Very standard.
    * - Very good on flats (2 or 3 in over 5 years). That is more a function of road surfaces, which are good around here.
    * - Brake pads when necessary - no more than once every 18 months or so.
    * - No cable replacements so far.
    * - Standard clean and lube.

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    Favorite Ride:   Souht Bay Bik Path

    Overall Rating:4
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Yasin a Recreational Rider

    Date Reviewed: September 1, 2012

    Strengths:    Lightweight
    Effortless, fast ride
    Quality gears and brakes that require minimal maintenance

    Weaknesses:    At first feels a little bumpy on trail paths, but you get used to it

    Bottom Line:   
    I used to have a Carrerra Subway 2 that got stolen, I got the FX 7.2 as a replacement. It turns out the theft was a blessing in disguise. I used to labour with that carrera (especially up hills) with this everything seems so effortless and it's is so much faster.

    I cycle to keep fit and mainly use roads and trails. During the first couple of weeks I felt the ride was a lot bumpier than the carrera on trails... but now | barely notice it it.

    I keep it clean and oiled. Thus far I haven't had any maintenance problems (have had it for about 6 months). The brakes are still pristine, the tyres have minimal wear and the gears function perfectly.

    I really love this bike, the best bike I've ever owned.

    Overall Rating:5
    Value Rating:5
    Submitted by Chad a Commuter

    Date Reviewed: August 4, 2012

    Strengths:    Just wants to go.

    Weaknesses:    I have to eat and sleep.

    Bottom Line:   
    Broke my leg above the ankle 4 months ago. Haven't rode a bike in approx. 2 years. Im 6 feet tall, weigh 235 lbs and 42 years old.

    The first day, I rode about 5 miles to see if my leg could tolerate the stress, adjust the seat height, and feel the bikes character. Saddle feels like being slapped with a cactus.

    Day two, short ride ( 6 miles) with a gel cushion over original seat. Saddle now feels like being slapped with a mushy cactus.

    Day three, internet search for gel seat.

    Day four, rode 22 miles. Im in LOVE. I call her Thelma.

    Day five. To this point, I havent really pushed the bike. Have to keep my leg in mind and its been a couple of years. Thelma's design just eats miles for me, but today, I couldnt help myself . Short run, up and down hill (NW Baltimore count and city, 12 pothole filled miles). I put in a little work. Thelma is --very--fast. Im now looking for a good aero bar as well as a soft saddle.

    I began as a BMX rider. Haven't rode a street bike since we called them 10 speeds. Im to rough for a rode bike, so I have riden mountain bikes in the street for many years. Hey, I might happen across a nice jump or stairway, so I stuck with mountain bikes, but you can keep the suspension forks. I ride city. I like traffic. Worked as a bicycle messenger for 7 months before I went to boot camp (Go Air Force!).

    So, I cant plow down a trail, (the H2 tires dont even like damp grass) and I dont see the AT-750 rims holding up to much curb diving, but hey, im 42. Thelma has taken more abuse in 5 days than I assumed she could. Potholes are not an issue (proper tire inflation).

    With that said, im giving myself two months to condition my body to go all out. Thelma is encouraging me to go mental NOW.

    After riding both, I chose the 7.2 over the 7.3 for the steel fork. Heavier but a smoother ride. Shifting is accurate. Stance on the bike allows for creativity and various upgrades. Cruise around the neighborhood or do 20 miles. The 7.2 is ready.

    Plan on getting 25 X 700 tires for speed and distance runs, and the mentioned aero bar and respectable saddle. ...Rode cyclist beware.... I will be the guy passing you wearing cut offs and tennis shoes, then jump a curb while you wait at a stop light.

    Thank you, 7 series owners for your reviews. Your opinions helped guide me to this exceptional hybrid.

    Paid $499.00 for the 2013 bike and $10.00 bucks for Bontrager pedal clips and straps. Joes Bike Shop. Get the bike, toss the seat.

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