Wilier Asolo Hybrid Bike

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Last season’s finishes have been renewed. The weekend bike that pays homage to the town of Treviso, is now offered with an elegant matte black finish as well as with red and white accents: pure Wilier Triestina style. The frame features the same 2013 design except for the down tube which is lighter. 8 speed rear derailleur, triple crankset on the front.

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Need some help - Pinarello Asolo

Appreciate it if someone here can help me determine whether this Asolo is original or not. Bought it several years ago from original European owner. Cut steerer (it was uncut), installed new Record headset hung it on my office wall with the intent to re-spray and build up in the future. Still she ... Read More »

Pinarello Asolo

I just picked this up on a semi-impulse and I'm having a heck of a time finding info on this frameset and tubing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I believe this is a late 1990's frame, possibly 1997 if one can go by the last two digits of the serial number. It appears the Asolo ... Read More »

What year is my Pinarello Asolo?

Please help me determine what year my Pinarello Asolo is. Check the pictures, any idea??? I love this bike!Read More »

Pinarello Asolo (Which year is this baby from?)

Hello friends, I just bought a great Pinarello Solo, what made my year... I'm in love with this bike. I'm in doubt about the year it is from... anyone could give me a hint? I attach some pictures. It has got a completed Campagnolo Record 8v group, apart from the brakes (Chorus). Thank ... Read More »

Here is my Asolo (that sounds bad, eh?)

I think its a 2001 or 2002. This is the bike that brought me back to road racing. It might be heavy, but I am 20 lbs lighter now :) and my weight is still dropping. I'll be 160 again soon (like I was in my twenties) and then I will race this sucker. Photos don't do it justice. Steel frame/f ... Read More »

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