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24" Kids Road Bike Fork

Hi everyone- I'm in the market for a race bike for my 10 year old son and found a nice Piedrahita 24" frame. The guy is willing to sell me the frameset for $50. It's been a living nightmare trying to find a fork for it however. There are a handful of companies still selling 24" road bikes but I can ... Read More »

Kids Bike - 650c preferably

Fuji ACE 650 seems to be about the only option. I wish I could just find a 650c frame that was inexpensive and build it up. Anyone have any success or ideas for a kids road bike?Read More »

Kids bike shifter question (Platy and other shop folks get in heer)

My 6 year old boy has an 18" (wheel) bike that my sister gave us. Cheap Mongoose, but in fairly good shape. It's got a 1x7 drive train. The shifter is a grip shift that is almost impossible to shift. So I replaced that cable and lubed the derailleur this weekend, but it didn't make any differenc ... Read More »

This is hardcore: 6 kids by bike

[URL="http://bikeportland.org/2012/06/28/with-six-kids-and-no-car-this-mom-does-it-all-by-bike-73731"]6 kids by bike.[/URL] She has my admiration.Read More »

Converting Kids Road Bike to Riser Bars

My 9 year old daughter had a 24" mountain bike, but really doesn't like riding in the woods. She thinks she'd like a bike that's faster on the road (but not 100% sure). So, a while back I went through the process of looking for a 24" road bike (she's still not tall enough for a 650b road bike). ... Read More »

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