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Upright, Spinning, Recumbent Bike Question...

Had micfofracture surgery on my left knee, no singles tennis or running in my future, start walking again in 2 weeks (Lord willing), physical therapy starts after that. Looking to puchase an upright, spinning, or recumbent bike to help with PT but also for exercise after PT is over*. For anyon ... Read More »

Recumbent bike benefits?

Just looking for some feedback on those that ride recumbent bikes. I'm a cat 4 bike racer. I am torn between getting a new cyclocross bike for racing or getting a recumbent bike. A cyclocross bike seems great for additional training and racing as well as being an obvious benefit for next year's ... Read More »

Recumbent/ Tri-bike ?

Since some of you commute in the snow and ice I was wondering if any of you commute on three wheeled recumbent style bikes, or if you have ever ridden one? Seems to me that design would work great in the slick conditions of snow and ice, right? Any thoughts? Maybe there are other web sites you know ... Read More »

chopper bike or recumbent ?

does orange county make recumbents or choppers? sorry i know this a serious forum but while i was doing a search for lowrider bike chicks to put on the podium girls forum i came across this bike. [IMG]http://lowriderbike.com/bike_features/05winlrb_hellsbelle_01z.jpg[/IMG] i think it's just too cool ... Read More »

Recumbent Bike Info

Any one know of any good sites for recumbent bikes/info. Have a friend who may have to go that route because of some back issues. Any help would be appreciated.Read More »

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